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Amerisafe Group is dedicated to protecting workers, mitigating risk and developing safety leaders in union constructors throughout the nation.

Learn About Our Work With A Renewable Energy Entity

A renewable energy company specializing in wind power partnered with Amerisafe Group to enter the US market. Amerisafe facilitated the translation of safety standards, bridged cultural gaps, addressed community concerns, and ensured a safe workplace. Learn how this organization built a culture of safety.

Amerisafe's Affinity Partnership with TAUC

This Partnership is designed to strengthen member business operations through world-class safety performanceLeveraging a highly recommended Supervisor Safety Leadership Certificate Program, along with other tools, this partnership will strengthen the culture, profitability and sustainability of member companies. Learn more about the four faucets to this program below.

Fill Your Team with Leaders! And Unlock Your Organization’s Potential… 

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I just can’t seem to find good foremen or front-line workers.
  • When I do find them, I can’t hold on to them.
  • These nagging injuries just won’t go away.
  • My EMR for Worker’s Comp Insurance is too high.
  • How did that significant injury or fatality happen? I thought we were better than that.

You are not alone! Many of today’s best contractors struggle with these same issues.

The key to better results lies in Educating, Engaging, and Empowering your Supervisors to be Leaders, not just managers. There is a huge difference! The question Is: Did we prepare our supervisor for their new role? Or did we throw them into it with little more than some hope and well wishes?

You can drive winning results when you follow the example of world-class organizations. Invest in your Supervisors through a proven and highly recommended certificate program so they can succeed in their roles.

Turn on their Leadership Potential and Fill Your Team With Leaders!

The results will astound you…

A significant savings is available to TAUC Members and custom programs are also available. Reach out today to learn more.

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End-to-End Online Training Solution

AmerisafeOnline™ is a web-based safety training platform that provides a customized solution for organizations of all sizes and industries. The suite includes a library of over 300 toolbox talks, necessary orientation and specific training, and a central location to store employee and contractor certification documentation.

The platform has been customized for businesses by safety experts to provide the following benefits:

Flexible Access: Employees can access the platform from any computer, smartphone, or tablet through a secure user portal, enabling training to occur whenever and wherever it is convenient.

Maximized Training Investment: AmerisafeOnline™ offers a nano-learning safety training platform that enables lessons to be completed in less than ten minutes, allowing for maximum efficiency in training.

Efficient Documentation: AmerisafeOnline™ simplifies access to certification cards, completed training plans, and necessary documentation for each employee, minimizing the risk of missing cards during inspections

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Learn alongside your peers as we examine industry best practices.

Upcoming Workshops: 

OSHA Recordkeeping Course
Date: Thursday, February 8, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM EST 
Instructor: Mike Hartnett, ASP, CUSP, OHST, CHST –
Senior Safety Professional at Amerisafe Group

Live online with audio/visual equipment, whiteboard technology, and multi-screen viewing for a seamless experience.

With reporting restrictions tightening, good recordkeeping is CRITICAL for those in your organization responsible for safety.

Enroll your recordkeepers in this live, interactive workshop and they’ll come away with the knowledge to:

  • Be prepared to fulfill your company’s recordkeeping requirements
  • Accurately maintain your OSHA 300 Log
  • Understand when an injury triggers a mandatory reporting requirement
  • Properly fill in and post your annual OSHA 300A summary logs

Facilitators will lead each workshop live online through a classroom complete with professional audio/visual equipment, whiteboard technology, and multi-screen viewing for a seamless experience. The cost for this workshop is usually $445 per person, but the TAUC member discounted price is $395.

Register for the OSHA Recordkeeping Workshop here.
Please note: you will first need to create an account within the Amerisafe Online portal if you do not have an existing account. Please contact Eddie Sauceda at esauceda@amerisafegroup.com should you have issues doing so. 


Upcoming Webinar Information: 

Through our work with hundreds of organizations across North America, Amerisafe’s team has developed best practices in a number of areas.  We are excited to share them with you through this dynamic webinar series. 

Come join us as our team unpacks and explores these important topics. 

Date TBD – How to Successfully Navigate a Surprise OSHA Visit 

Date TBD – Building Culture Through Behavioral Reliability 

Date TBD – OSHA’s Top 10 Most-Cited Violations in the Construction Industry 

Leaders from any function in the organization will walk away with the knowledge and skills necessary to become champions for safety. 

List Price:  $79 per attendee  
TAUC Member Price:  $39 per attendee 

Don’t Guess. Get an Answer. 

Get the safety answers and guidance you need, when you need it. Amerisafe offers a complimentary safety helpline to TAUC members. Our expert safety professionals are just a phone call away to assist with compliance, best practices, or emergency response. Keep your team safe and your projects on track – call us anytime. Common questions include:

  • I have a unique fall hazard. Can you guide me to resources to protect my workers?
  • I’ve received an OSHA citation. What do I do?
  • Is there a way to document training records and certifications to access them easily?
  • What are the differences between DOT and Non-DOT Drug Tests?
  • How do I go about reasonable suspicion training?

P: (888) 70-SAFETY


Ready to Empower Leaders Across Your Organization?

Contact us to learn how together we can implement these workshops in your workplace to engage leaders.

How do you know where to start?

The P3 Safety Culture Analysis™ measures 30 Key Performance Indicators across 5 categories to identify gaps in the system.

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