Industrial Safety Consultants

With a smart health and safety program in place at your company, you can ensure strong risk protection and better performance from your employees in the workplace.

At Amerisafe, our safety consulting services and OSHA compliance training, your company can accelerate past competitors with reduced accidents, ensured compliance, controlled insurance premiums, lowered workers’ comp expenses, and adopted general industry best practices.


Reduce Injuries, Increase Performance

When you vow to keep your employees safe on the manufacturing floor, you’re telling them you value them and their safety and health. For this reason and many others, when you prioritize workplace safety, performance increases. Our workplace safety consulting services will help your company develop health and safety programs to keep your workers injury-free.

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Industrial Safety SERVICES

Workplace Safety Services for all Industries

Millions of Americans are hurt in the workplace every year. Regardless of the nature of the accident, it is ultimately up to the employer to create a company culture where health and safety are prioritized and highly important.

hat’s where we come in.

Amerisafe’s experienced, top-notch safety management consultants are able to provide a wide range of safety services to assist with your company’s safety efforts. From construction safety and industrial hygiene to confined space safety and fall protection, our safety training services are here to guide your company on its way to maximum safety. We will craft our expertise to your company’s needs, providing a list of offered safety services for you to choose from. By allowing our safety consultants to work alongside you and your employees, you can prevent accidents, injuries, worker’s comp claims, and even death. Our safety management services help to cultivate a culture of safety within your company that promotes an accident and injury-free workplace.


Improving Safety for Businesses Big and Small

At Amerisafe Group, we pride ourselves on adaptability. Our team of qualified safety consultants has provided quality safety consulting and occupational health services for clients in nearly every industry. Our clients can rest assured knowing that whatever their needs may be, Amerisafe Group is the critical resource that will provide them with the knowledge and expertise to support improvements in health and safety. Our related safety management services, confined space rescue servicesOSHA compliance conulting, occupational health mobile testing, training, and staffing make our capabilities unique. 

Our safety consultants are cross-trained on topics in order to better support our client’s needs for almost every safety issue they might encounter. Our unparalleled versatility and industry experience are shown through the wide range of industries in which we have successfully completed work, which consistently sets us apart from our competitors.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Steel
  • Construction
  • Transportation

We have experience working in many project types and scopes, from site staffing for a large petro-chemical refinery to small wind construction jobs to periodic site audits for clients whose safety backgrounds can range from extensive to nonexistent. Our consultants have managed assignments in auditing and staffing and other realms of safety consulting work like safety program development/revisal and training exercises. Each Amerisafe Group consultant understands the responsibility of clients when bringing them onto a project. Our consultants take pride in doing their work in a manner that will advance the client’s objectives.


Manufacturing and Industrial Safety

When evaluating safety requirements in manufacturing industries, issues are commonly found in task repetition, work processes, noise, and air quality. In order to ensure all employees have a solid understanding of safety procedures, training is usually needed more frequently. Our safety consulting services cultivate behavioral change in your workplace by providing monthly safety training, audits, safety program development, Lockout/Tagout procedures, and OSHA compliance support. Our safety consultants take a hands-on approach in manufacturing in order to identify and eliminate potential problems.

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