Team Approach to Safety

Develop supervisors to become safety leaders for a culture that lasts.

Team Approach to Safety

Management may be committed to safety, but who carries out initiatives?

The Team Approach to Safety™ builds 4 “pillars” upon which the responsibility of safety rests. The 4 Pillars of the Team Approach to Safety:

The basis of a team approach to safety is a key team of leaders who meet on a regular basis to discuss and solve safety issues in the facility. This team of people sets the direction to build a safety culture.

These leaders are empowered to carry out the vision of the safety leadership team. Some responsibilities we see safety team members carry are running monthly tool box talks, various training sessions, and daily procedures.

This team has the responsibility of documentation. This includes OSHA logs, injury records, training records, and other necessary paperwork. Depending on the organization, this may be a team of a few people or there may be many involved.

This is the role Optimum Safety Management holds with many of our client companies. Having a subject matter expert who is experienced in leading cultural change empowers the team to own the safety process. The safety professional then guides the process and procedures for maximum return.

Vital to any functioning safety program is the constant and never-ending improvement that must be made. For sustainability of the process and increased employee engagement, leadership must implement a systems-focused approach for continuous improvement.

Full Webinar: The Team Approach to Safety™ Explained

Join Optimum Safety Management CEO, Steve Yates, as we discuss the Team Approach to Safety™. This full-length webinar includes an in-depth discussion of each component of the approach as well as time for questions and answers.

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