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Safety and Occupational Health Services for Business Success

Our team is hiring Safety Professionals and Nurses for full-time, contract and internship opportunities.


Amerisafe safety consulting is your safety solution.

Are you looking for one safety company to do it all? Amerisafe Group offers safety consulting services, occupational health services with nurses and testing, safety products, industrial hygiene safety consulting, confined space rescue, OSHA compliance consulting and rescue services.


Professional Safety Services for Workplace and Job Sites

Site Safety

We have a team of experienced Safety Consultants who specialize in providing comprehensive workplace health and safety services. They can conduct through assessments of job sites and workplaces to identify potential hazards and risks, and develop customized plans to address them.


Occupational Health and Medical Services

Our certified nurses and medical staff specialize in providing top-quality medical services while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. They are trained to quickly and effectively address common injuries and illnesses, provide drug testing and more. 

Rescue Services

Our network of Rescuers provides confined space rescue services and technical training nationwide. Our Rescuers are highly skilled and trained to handle complex rescue situations. With our confined space rescue team, you can feel confident that your employees are safe and prepared for any situation.

construction safety management

Safety Management Systems

Formalize the safety process beyond regulatory compliance to manage significant risks in the working environment. Our team works closely with your team to integrate the 5 Components of an Effective Safety Management System. 

Team Approach to Safety™

Develop supervisors to become safety leaders for a culture that lasts. Management is committed to safety, but who carries out initiatives? The Team Approach to Safety builds 4 “pillars” upon which the responsibility of safety rests. 

Perception-Pulse Engagement Survey™

Focused on your people and their perceptions of your organization’s safety culture, the PerceptionPulse™ Engagement Survey measures alignment of cultural perceptions between management, supervisors and employees across dozens of data points. 

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Provides 24/7 Support

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support via phone or chat for people in distress, resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Includes information on finding your local crisis center.


Industries We Serve Nationwide​

Oil & Gas

Our team of Safety Consultants offers comprehensive onsite health and safety support and training specifically tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. With a national reach, we are well-equipped to oversee and execute safety protocols for all oil and gas projects.

Renewable Energy​

Amerisafe Group’s Safety Consultants are renowned for their expertise in safety performance assessments, management, and training for various renewable energy sources. From wind and solar to hydro and geothermal, we ensure top notch safety for your operations.


Amerisafe Group offers experienced steel Safety Consultants for the steel making industry and the construction safety within steel facilities. Safety audits, management, and safety training for steel mill owners and steel contractors.

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