Professional Safety Services

Professional Safety Services for Workplace and Job Sites

Amerisafe Group, a nationwide leader in safety consulting, staffing and safety training, offers a full range of workplace and job site safety services using a staff of highly trained and seasoned Certified Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing safety programs for all types of industries nationwide.

Site Safety

We have a team of experienced Safety Consultants who specialize in providing comprehensive workplace health and safety services. They can conduct through assessments of job sites and workplaces to identify potential hazards and risks, and develop customized plans to address them.


Occupational Health and Medical Services

Our certified nurses and medical staff specialize in providing top-quality medical services while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. They are trained to quickly and effectively address common injuries and illnesses, provide drug testing and more. 

Rescue Services

Our network of Rescuers provides confined space rescue services and technical training nationwide. Our Rescuers are highly skilled and trained to handle complex rescue situations. With our confined space rescue team, you can feel confident that your employees are safe and prepared for any situation.

Industrial Hygiene

Our Safety Consultants are experienced in Industrial Hygiene services that range from safety assessments, air quality monitoring and assessments, bulk sampling, silica dust, and more.

Industrial Safety

With a smart health and safety program in place at your company, you can ensure strong risk protection and better performance from your employees in the workplace.

OSHA Compliance

Awareness of possible workplace hazards can increase productivity, prevent illness and injury, reduce days off, and ultimately, these protocols can save lives.

Respirator Fit Testing

Whether you’re looking to get a respirator fit test for one employee or for a large group, we can help. Not only is our testing accurate and timely, but we make sure that our respirator fit tests comply with OSHA standards.

Safety Consulting

Our Safety Consultants can provide your company with highly trained, seasoned Certified Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing workplace health and safety programs for all types of industries.

Safety Compliance

Investing in workers is near impossible if you’re not within OSHA compliance. We begin compliance programs with tasks such as: Hazard Analysis, Building Training Programs, and Additional Assessments.

construction safety management

Safety Management Systems

Formalize the safety process beyond regulatory compliance to manage significant risks in the working environment. Our team works closely with your team to integrate the 5 Components of an Effective Safety Management System. 

Team Approach to Safety™

Develop supervisors to become safety leaders for a culture that lasts. Management is committed to safety, but who carries out initiatives? The Team Approach to Safety builds 4 “pillars” upon which the responsibility of safety rests. 

Perception-Pulse Engagement Survey™

Focused on your people and their perceptions of your organization’s safety culture, the PerceptionPulse™ Engagement Survey measures alignment of cultural perceptions between management, supervisors and employees across dozens of data points.