OSHA Compliance Programs

Establish a foundation of regulatory compliance with safety processes and systems.


OSHA Compliance Programs

Whether you’ve received OSHA citations or are proactively seeking to avoid citations, achieving compliance with OSHA regulations is a must for all employers. Achieving OSHA compliance will include items such as:

OSHA Compliance Programs include:

Job Hazard & PPE Hazard Analyses

hat are all the tasks involved in completing a process? By observing the process we can identify the individual job hazards and build controls to minimize risk. Workplace hazards are evident in all facilities. Implementing controls can greatly mitigate risk and provide a more effective working environment for employees.

Site Inspections & Assessments

You must know the areas of concern within your facility before you can address the issues. Through regular site inspections, our safety professionals provided detailed feedback to inform the corrective action.

Formalized Safety Manual

Does your safety manual need a refresh? Keeping an updated safety manual with best practices and procedures can be an invaluable resource for employees. For the safety process to have the greatest impact, there must be a formal governance. Let us do the heavy lifting so your organization can have clear expectations for safety performance.

Free Resource: Dos and Don'ts of an OSHA Inspection

Do you have a plan in place should an OSHA Inspector arrive at your door? This list of Dos and Don’ts provides a framework to handle an OSHA Inspection with confidence. Answering simple questions such as: “Who will greet the inspector?” “Who will tour them around the facility?” and “Who will document the inspection?” can save the organization from complications.

Legal Partners

Amerisafe works with several legal partners to ensure our clients find a resource fit for their needs. Contact us to learn more.

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