Metals Safety

Amerisafe has partnered with companies across the metals industry to engage employees and reduce business risk for a culture of safe production.


Metals Safety Services

From increasing global competition to a fluctuating labor market, metals firms must navigate a dynamic environment while maintaining and growing market position. We help you develop your workforce and build systems to sustain long-term growth. Amerisafe has helped metals companies across North America integrate custom safety management solutions based on proven results. We’ll partner with you to create an approach to safety that fits the unique needs of your business and fully integrates with core production processes.

Metals Safety Services Include:

Safety Leadership Development

Develop supervisors into safety leaders through workshops, Safety Leadership Teams, and one-to-one coaching. Safety leaders in the field ensure the strategy can be fulfilled.

People-Centered Safety Process™

A full-system approach to develop all employees into safety leaders. This process focuses on cultural change and continuous improvement to take organizations to zero injuries and beyond.

Safety Management System Development

Formalize the safety process to manage risks in the working environment. We’ll integrate an end-to-end system to manage risks unique to your workplace.

Learn about our Steel Mill-specific safety offerings.

Proven Results

What Can You Do in 1 Year?


Reduction in D.A.R.T Rate


Reduction in Lost Time Cases


Reduction in OSHA Recordable Cases

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