About Amerisafe Group

Amerisafe Group has built a reputation over the years for providing quality safety consulting and occupational health services for clients in almost every industry.


About Amerisafe Group

Our clients know that whatever their occupational health and safety needs may be, Amerisafe Group is the resource that can provide them with the knowledge & expertise to support occupational health and safety improvements. With our interrelated services of Safety Management, Occupational Medicine, and Confined Space Rescue Services, Training and Staffing, our capabilities are unique because of our versatility and industry experience that has become a trademark of Amerisafe Group.

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About Us

Working Together, Growing Together, Giving Together

Amerisafe Group works with employers in Oil/Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Steel, Construction, Transportation and many other industries in a wide range of project types and scope. Our capabilities are best summarized to include construction safety support, safety management, safety consulting, industrial hygiene and safety training. Our consultants receive cross training to be able to better support our clients needs for nearly every safety issue they encounter and are supported by qualified Project Managers. Each consultant with Amerisafe Group understands the responsibility that a client gives to them when bringing them onto a project, and takes pride in doing their work in a manner that will advance the client’s objectives. Amerisafe Group shows its versatility in the vast array of industries it successfully completes work in.

Amerisafe Group has experiences in a wide range of project types and scope, from site staffing for large petro-chemical refinery as well as steel mill turnarounds to small wind construction jobs, to periodic site audits for general industry client’s whose safety background may range from extensive to very little if any at all. Our consultants have tackled jobs not only in staffing and auditing, but also in other scopes of safety consulting work, including but not limited to safety program development/revisal and training exercises. Each consultant with Amerisafe Group understands the responsibility that a client gives to them when bringing them onto a project, and takes pride in doing their work in a manner that will advance the client’s objectives.


Our History

Growing Together

In 1994, Amerisafe Group began as a small safety consulting company known as Ergonomic & Safety Services (ESS) in New Stanton, PA.

In 2007, ESS became Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services (ACSS) when its assets were acquired by Luse Holdings of Aurora, IL. ACSS continued to provide safety consulting, safety staffing, and safety training.

In 2012, ACSS began providing occupational healthcare staffing to handle on-site testing and first aid services on construction sites.

In 2015, ACSS acquired a nationally recognized corporation that provides specialized safety and technical rescue services known as STARTGroup.

In 2016, after the addition of safety equipment & products, occupational health services, and technical rescue services, ACSS became Amerisafe Group.

About Us

The Luse Companies

The Family of Luse Companies began in 1923 as Luse-Stevenson Company, a family owned cork board importer and installer of roofing and pipe covering materials.

From the beginning, the Luse’s recognized that stressing certain fundamentals of quality and service ensured our continued growth and continuous improvement by doing the following:

Listen to what the customer wants; seek fresh, economical ways to meet those needs.
Deliver products and services that continually exceed the customer’s expectation.
Maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct.
Honor every commitment and do what is promised. Period!

The Tradition Lives On… Today, Luse Holdings, Inc.Amerisafe Safety & Insulation Supplies and Equipment and Amerisafe Group are a closely-knit team that concentrates their focus on Safety Consulting, Specialty Engineering and Construction, Commercial and Industrial Contracting, On-site Occupational Medical Services, and Safety Product Distribution. Still family-owned and operated, they have never lost site of the original commitment to innovative, dependable quality service.