Workplace Safety

Amerisafe Group offers experienced job site and workplace Safety Consultants that provide workplace health and safety assessments, implementation, workplace safety training, OSHA 30 hour compliance training for construction companies.


Construction Site Safety Consulting Services

Amerisafe Group offers Safety Consultants for construction and safety management, construction site safety as well as construction safety training and support for optimum job site safety.  Amerisafe Group leads the Construction Safety Consulting Services industry by providing experienced “hands-on” Construction Site Safety Management – utilizing proven tools, techniques, construction safety training programs, and incorporating “Best Practices” of the industry.

Construction Site Safety

Job Safety Analysis

Our Construction Safety Management Consultants will manage the Job Safety Analysis Program (JSA). The JSA is an effective tool used to promote safe work planning for every task.

Most employees are excellent at planning the manpower, tools, equipment, and time necessary to complete each task, but often do not take the time required to prepare for job site safety. This is where the JSA can be an effective tool in bridging that gap.

The JSA is a simple form the worker or group of workers completes prior to conducting a task. The form allows the workers to break the task down into steps, identify the associated hazards, and the corrective actions are taken to either eliminate or protect themselves from the identified hazards.

Our Construction Safety Consultants will evaluate and train individuals and crews who need guidance to improve on the JSA process. By improving the JSA process, it often leads to a positive change in construction site safety culture.

Construction Site Safety

Observation Reports

Construction Safety Observation Reports are used as an informal way to conduct observations of the job site to identify the negative and positive acts or conditions related to construction site safety. Completing these forms is typically the responsibility of all front-line leadership and employees involved with the project.

Completing these reports creates a valuable tool for identifying the safety trends and determining where the client is doing well and where there is a need for increased job site safety focus. Requiring management to complete Construction Safety Observations ensures that safety is a crucial part of daily activities.

Amerisafe Construction Site Safety Consultants utilize proven techniques to coach and train all parties involved to ensure that Safety Observation Reports are a key tool to improve workplace safety.

Construction Site Safety


Amerisafe Construction Safety Consultants will provide pre-job orientation to all Managers, Contractors, and Subcontractors conducting work on the construction site project. Construction Job Site Safety Orientation includes:

  • Site-specific safety rules and procedures
  • JSA Training
  • Safety observation training
  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Any additional information that the owner or employer wishes to convey to all employees.

Construction Site Safety

Contractor Requirements

Included in our Construction Safety Consulting services, Amerisafe Group has developed a system for owners and general contractors to establish specific guidelines that Contractors and Sub-Contractors must meet to ensure a consistent approach to Contractor Safety Management on-site. In addition to these key qualifications, our Construction Safety Consultants can provide additional resources to ensure an appropriate pre-qualification process that is conducive to the client and operations of the site.

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Construction Site Safety Services

On-Site Workplace Safety Training

To aid your business or organization in achieving a reduction of incident rates and a higher standard of health and safety in the workplace, our Safety Consultants will provide Workplace Safety Training to your organization in the following areas:

  • Supervisory workplace safety training
  • Employee workplace safety training and involvement
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessments and Corrective Actions
  • Incident case management
  • Position Assessments
  • Return to Work programs

Construction Site Safety Services

On-Site Drug Testing​

In order to ensure a drug-free workplace, Amerisafe Group can conduct pre-employment and random on-site drug testing. On-site instant testing services offer the advantage of a drug-free workplace at the start of and for the project’s duration.

Conducting the tests on-site saves time and money by keeping worker “down time” for the actual testing to a minimum. Testing also allows us to see instant results for non-negative tests, ensuring that a worker who is not fit for duty is immediately removed from the project. This prevents him or her from continuing to work and potentially create a risk to other employees while waiting up to 3-5 days for outside laboratory results.

Amerisafe Group has trained and authorized DISA personnel that can provide collection services. DISA is a leading provider of full-service Employee Screening Services: administering drug and alcohol testing policies for U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Corporate Entities, and Contractor Consortia Programs.


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