Renewable Energy Safety

Amerisafe Group offers experienced renewable energy Safety Consultants that provide implementation and training specific to wind and solar energy site safety.


Wind Farm Site Safety

Amerisafe Group has developed a reputation for providing expert Wind Energy Safety Management services for the Wind Energy industry. Our commitment to Wind Safety has helped us to improve the safety performance of Wind Farm owners, contractors, and turbine manufacturers across the country.

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Renewable Energy Safety

Solar Farm Safety Hazards

Amerisafe Group’s goal in the Solar Industry is to create a safe environment for everyone. Many hazards and risks arise while sun panels are being installed, which can occur in confined spaces. Worker safety training can educate employees in the Solar Industry about potential dangers. Not all worksites are the same, but all Solar Farms generally face the same hazards:

Mobile equipment is a major factor in working with rooftop solar panels. Many fatalities happen whenever this equipment connects with overhead power lines. Other fatalities happen when an employee is struck by an object or caught in a confined space between the load and an object.

Making sure proper rigging/approved lifting devices are used and inspected is essential for worker safety. We try to limit the amount of personal lifting to minimize the potential for soft tissue injuries.

Employees who install or maintain solar panels occasionally work in confined spaces or elevated surfaces, which creates fall hazards. If a fall distance is greater than six feet, employees must be protected by a guardrail system, safety net system, a personal fall arrest system, or another mandatory safety measure.

Solar Industry employees are exposed to dangerous electrical hazards. In fact, some of the same hazards exist in construction and utility jobs.

Field workers are vulnerable to electrocution and arc flash risks that can expose them to electrical shocks and burns. Workers face hazards like electrocution, burns, falls, and tools coming into contact with electrical lines. Training on electrical dangers and fire awareness in the renewable energy sector is essential for increasing worker safety. Overhead power lines are very high in voltage, so creating a safe distance is the most important precaution.

Lockout/Tagout protects renewable energy workers from the unexpected startup of a machine and/or against the release of hazardous energy. Workers who install or maintain machines in the renewable energy industry are at a great risk if LOTO is not in compliance.

Solar panels generate electrical energy and are connected to circuits. Workers should cover these panels while working to eliminate contact with electrical circuits. Employees servicing these panels also face the risk of the unexpected release of energy in the equipment, so they should be properly suited with hearing protection and other precautions. Solar energy employers must comply with OSHA regulations and train employees on LOTO procedures.

Employees who work in the renewable energy industry occasionally work in hot weather, which creates hazards of dehydration, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and death. Employees in the renewable energy sector should be monitored for heat-related illnesses to increase worker safety. Employers should train all employees on how to identify the signs of heat-related illnesses, promoting safety and fast responses. If any workers show any signs of heatstroke, they should be immediately removed from work and receive fluids and rest.

Strains and sprains are present during all aspects of panel installation in the renewable energy industry. Renewable energy workers have to lay out materials by hand to get in the proper location and prevent potential damage. All employees need to be trained on proper lifting and handling of materials. Also, employees should be rotated to avoid doing the same repetitive motion and to increase worker safety.


Solar Site Safety Management

Amerisafe Group’s safety renewable energy sector consultants provide and implement training specific to solar energy site worker safety. Amerisafe Group is committed to improving Solar Safety and increasing worker safety. We’ve also worked to improve the safety of Solar Farm owners, contractors, and manufacturers who have moved away from fossil fuels or natural gas. Our staff of renewable energy safety consultants assists solar companies by providing expert guidance and increasing worker safety.

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