Steel Mill Safety

Amerisafe Group offers experienced Steel Mill Safety Consultants for the Steel-making industry and construction within Steel facilities from implementation of Steel contractor safety programs to safety orientations for all new hire employees.


Steel Mill Safety Consulting & Management

Our Safety Consultants have experience working in many Steel environments such as the Blast Furnaces, Casting Operations, and Roll Shops. We have also been involved in numerous Coke Battery jobs. Amerisafe Group has been involved in new construction to daily maintenance. Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants have knowledge in De-Gassers, Gas Processing Centers, and Hoist House areas.

Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants offer a balance between Construction and General Industry OSHA Standards. We then relate this information to the Steel workers in the field. We promote a hard working environment that accommodates a safety culture and give reassurance to Steel Mill owners.

We work with your Steel Mill managers, not against them. Our philosophy is to “be out there and be seen,” creating a strong presence of safety and to offer support and monitor critical work activities. We pride ourselves on knowing every aspect of the job.

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Amersafe Offers Services for Both Steel Mill Owners and Steel Contractors

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