Our Safety Consultants are a team of highly trained and seasoned Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing safety programs for all industries nationwide.


With over 35 years of experience, Amerisafe Safety Consultants have a proven track record for successful safety management services and programs for all types of clients across the United States. Rather than just handling compliance and inspections, our approach involves partnering with companies every step of the way. This includes the initial development of compliance systems and collaboration on a comprehensive Safety Management System. We also help to deepen the clients’ commitment throughout the managerial and supervisory levels with our Team Approach to SafetyTM, and enrich organizational culture with our People-Centered Safety ProcessTM and Leadership Education Workshops within the Amerisafe Center for Safety LeadershipTM.

Implementing an effective safety management system involves more than just meeting basic compliance standards. At Amerisafe, we partner with organizations to integrate five critical components:

  1. Management Commitment: Establishes the vision and direction for safety from the executive level down.
  2. Program Development: Provides procedures to control risks through hazard analysis.
  3. Training: Ensures employees have the knowledge to work safely through initial, specific, and ongoing training.
  4. Safety Surveys: Verify that objectives are being met through regular inspections.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Sustains the process and increases employee engagement through a systems-focused approach.

When all five components are thoroughly incorporated, organizations can build a culture of safety that goes beyond mere compliance.

Pursuing OSHA compliance as the sole goal often leaves organizations frustrated when workers are still being injured despite full compliance. Shifting the goal from compliance to truly safe work environments requires a more structured approach to safety.

The traditional approach of having one “safety person” oversee an entire organization often fails. Instead, a team approach appoints groups across levels and divisions as safety champions. Key components of the team approach:

  1. Safety Professionals: Experienced subject matter experts like those at Amerisafe provide guidance and take pressure off other members.
  2. Safety Leadership Team: A cross-functional team meets regularly to discuss and solve safety issues. Executive, operations, finance, maintenance, HR, and safety professionals collaborate effectively.
  3. Safety Team Members: Frontline Supervisors carry out the safety leadership team’s vision by conducting observations, safety talks, and monitoring adherence to procedures.
  4. Safety Administrators: Responsible for documentation like OSHA logs, records, and reports to keep information organized and current.

With all four components working together, organizations can begin the journey to build truly effective safety cultures. It requires commitment from many across the organization, but worker safety is worth the effort.

Modifying organizational culture is critical for organizations aiming to prevent all workplace injuries. Our proven process engages all employees through the 4 Keys to Continuous Improvement:

  1. Employee Engagement: Highly motivated, engaged employees perform better and are willing to go the extra mile.
  2. Sustainable Solutions: Realistic, maintainable solutions with a continuous improvement focus allow the process to grow over time.
  3. Systems Focus: Understanding what drives employee actions provides the means to improve.
  4. Safety Leadership: Leadership creates the atmosphere that drives culture change. Developing pillars of safety leadership facilitates cultural transformation.

This people-centered approach produces the cultural shift necessary for reducing injuries by engaging employees at all levels in the organization.

Strengthen your culture and profitability with our in-person or online facilitated safety leadership workshops for managers and supervisors. Designed to develop leaders through experiential learning, our series equips operational leaders to drive behavioral and cultural change.

This is the recommended curriculum path:

  1. Fundamentals of Safety for Supervisors: Equips operational leaders with knowledge of safety principles, OSHA regulations, hazard identification, and risk reduction.
  2. Safety Leadership: Introduces roles and expectations for safety leaders to recognize elements of a strong safety culture.
  3. High-Impact Observations: Develop skills for observations and two-way coaching to reinforce safety behaviors.
  4. Physical Hazard Identification: Leverages inspections to analyze hazards interacting with behaviors and reduce exposures.
  5. Job Safety Briefing: Builds skills to lead larger groups in engaging conversations about task-specific safety.
  6. Incident Investigation & Response: Applies credibility skills to properly respond to incidents and conduct root cause analyses.

Through active engagement, these workshops develop your organization’s leaders to enact change in behaviors and culture.

OSHA Compliance Assistance

As a safety consulting company, Amerisafe Group works with clients to develop OSHA-required safety management services and programs tailored to the individual client’s needs and requirements. These programs aid as a guide to the implementation of both OSHA training and client requirements. They clearly outline responsibility, accountability, and authority within each location.

Program Development, Training Programs, and Compliance Systems

Some Common Topics Include:

  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Lockout/Tagout – Energy Isolation Procedures
  • Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts)
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Hazard Communication
  • Site-Specific Safety Plans

Amerisafe Group offers a full range of environmental industrial hygiene and occupational health services, and are experienced at assisting clients in all aspects of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of health and safety hazards. Our Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Staff Industrial Hygienists have provided these services to construction companies, electric utilities, manufacturers, and other industries. For more information about our Industrial Hygiene Services, click here.

Mock OSHA compliance audits are a great tool for identifying gaps in compliance as well as aiding in evaluating the implementation of safety and health programs. Our compliance audits encompass the applicable OSHA regulatory requirements. These OSHA compliance audits not only list the deficiency but also recommendations for corrective actions.

Amerisafe Group is prepared to respond to aid clients with OSHA safety inspections. This service is essential for companies that have never experienced an OSHA audit or lack a complete understanding of their rights during an inspection. Having the proper expertise and experience navigating OSHA inspections on your response team is critical for successfully mitigating citations. Our expert knowledge and experience will aid in minimizing or eliminating the potential for citations. Find more information about OSHA Inspection Assistance here.

Safety Consulting Services

Industries We Serve Nationwide

Oil & Gas

With a national presence for workplace safety, our Safety Consultants provide onsite health and safety support and training for the Oil and Gas industry. All Oil & Gas projects are either overseen or executed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP).

Renewable Energy​

Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants have developed a reputation for providing expert safety program assessments, management, and safety training for renewable energy safety, such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and more.


Amerisafe Group offers experienced steel Safety Consultants for the steel making industry and the construction safety within steel facilities. Safety audits, management, and safety training for steel mill owners and steel contractors.


From increasing global competition to a fluctuating labor market, metals firms must navigate a dynamic environment while maintaining and growing market position.


Amerisafe’s construction safety experts provide your company with deep experience across commercial construction, finishing trades, and water and sewer line construction to deliver cultures of safe construction.

Safety Consulting Services

Process Safety Management Training

Several employee process safety management training sessions are involved and required by OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard. Employees covered under the PSM standard must receive initial health and safety training to any process or newly designed process to which they are assigned. Also, refresher process safety training must be given every three years or more often if necessary or if the process changes.

Amerisafe Safety Consultants provides our clients with necessary employee process safety management training and documentation required under OSHA’s PSM standard.

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About Amerisafe Group

Amerisafe Group provides comprehensive safety services for industries like oil/gas, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. With expertise in safety consulting, industrial hygiene, staffing, training, and auditing, our experienced consultants handle any scope of safety issues. We take pride in understanding each client’s unique needs to provide customized solutions that improve workplace safety and health. As a versatile partner, Amerisafe helps diverse clients establish effective safety programs and strong safety cultures. Our cross-trained consultants are committed to advancing the safety goals of every client.