Optimum Safety Management / Amerisafe Group:  The extraordinary safety services and solutions you’ve been using from Optimum Safety Management will now be provided to you by Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services, LLC (ACSS). The same great team, now with even more resources and solutions to support your mission.

Occupational Health & medical Services

Optimize Workplace Health with Specialized Nursing and Medical Services


Occupational Health and Nurse Staffing Services

As part of our Occupational Health Services, we provide various workplace on-site testing, first-aid services, clinics, and more. All services are available to ensure safe productivity, so your employees can get back to work on-site. We have the Occupational Health Service Professionals to ensure excellence. We recognize the need for reliable and proper care of employee health and wellness and a timely return to work plan. Our medical professionals are thoroughly trained and certified to make pertinent observations and determine appropriate interventions that uphold a safe work environment and exceptional employee health standards.

AmeriSTATS Drug Screening and Testing Database

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Occupational Health Services​

Occupational Health Nurse Staffing

As part of our Occupational Health and Safety Services, we provide various workplace on-site medical testing, physical exams, and first-aid services to ensure safe productivity, so your employees can get back to work on-site. We have the Occupational Health and Safety Professionals to ensure excellence.

From treating injured employees to offering ergonomic programs to improve quality of life, we have a dynamic team of Occupational Health Nurses and medical personnel readily available to cover your company’s most important assets, your people. Although not all accidents can be avoided, having quality programs in place for your team helps improve the safety and health of everyone involved.

We recognize the need for proper and urgent care of injured or healthy employees and a timely return to work. Our medical professionals are properly trained and certified to make pertinent observations and determine appropriate interventions in order to maintain a safe work environment.

Occupational Health Services​

Alcohol and Drug Testing in the Workplace

Amerisafe Group’s specially trained Occupational Health Nurses and Medical Personnel provide state-of-the-art Occupational Health On-Site Testing – including workplace drug and alcohol testing. We will travel to your location and conduct any of these full-range services:

  • DOT and Non-DOT Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Blood Draws For Lead- Baseline & Exit
  • Testing for Hazardous Exposure
  • Workers’ Comp Evaluations & Return to Work Services
  • First Aid/Medical Unit
  • Vaccinations
  • Drug Testing Services

Occupational Health Services​

Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Tests & Pulmonary function tests (PFTs)

  • Qualitative

  • Quantitative

  • Respiratory Medical Approvals with Same Day Results

Occupational Health Services​

Mobile Audiometric Testing Services

Amerisafe Group’s Occupational Health Department offers Audiometric Testing Services for clients, nationwide. Our portable audiometer machines have the capability to merge historical hearing data with annual hearing test results. Our experts will create a custom program tailored to your workplace or job site-specific needs.

Why Work with Amerisafe?

Leaders in Occupational Health & Safety

If you are looking for quality occupational health services near me, Amerisafe Group can help. Amerisafe Group provides comprehensive, cost-effective occupational health nursing staff & workplace testing services across the nation that not only stand up to the competition, but go above & beyond. In addition, we make it our top priority to lead the way in superb customer service. Let us show you how our leadership skills can help your company succeed in occupational medicine, health, and safety.

Our recruitment and screening processes ensure that we hire only the highest quality medical and nursing personnel in the field and our dedication to employee retention allows us to keep those top professionals in our resource pool. On top of quality candidates, we pride ourselves in outstanding quality customer service for our candidates and our clients.
Satisfaction cannot be achieved without first getting to know each client and candidate. We take pride in developing relationships & truly understand their needs through consistent communication. We are always available to answer questions from employers and patients, so contact us today!
Amerisafe’s Occupational Health Services provide quality healthcare professionals for urgent care and testing, so teams can do any job, exceptionally. Have a question? Call us today for more information: 844-295-6709

Ready to get started with Amerisafe today or still have some questions?

Additional Occupational Health Services​

Amerisafe Offers Even More Services to Help Your Business

As a premier on-site occupational health provider, Amerisafe supports employee safety education programs through various data analyses; both reported and collected. Amerisafe strives always to provide quality service. We also offer on-site health-related safety education training, including but not limited to CPR safety, first aid safety, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training, and blood-borne pathogen safety training. Amerisafe staff can also support and train emergency response teams (ERTs) and manage AED programs.

Amerisafe offers a comprehensive range of health and wellness solutions with exceptional on-site occupational health care services, nutrition and fitness-based programs, chronic condition management, access to the COVID-19 vaccination, lifestyle intervention, physical therapy, mental health services, and more.

As many companies’ FMLA and disability policies and programs are unique, Amerisafe assists employers to deliver both health services as specified by company policy, as well as state and federal ordinances and regulations.

Top 5 Amerisafe Case Management Practices:

1.) Follow through with employees regarding appointments and health treatment plans. Amerisafe Group values both employers and employees time alike, and by following up with appointments and occupational health treatments, employees have access to a helping hand in the process, making them less likely to forget about crucial appointments and available occupational health treatments

2.) Familiarize other providers with pertinent information about job requirements.

3.) Keep outside healthcare providers informed about workplace health claims and injuries. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important now than ever to create consistent lines of communication between ourselves and our clients. This process allows us to more effectively and accurately communicate necessary data.

4.) Thoroughly analyze medical treatments, health and wellness plans, and set realistic goals. We want our clients to have the best information possible to make intelligent and logical decisions.

5.) Return employees to the job in an appropriate amount of time. While employees are off the job, Amerisafe creates realistic and reliable return to work plans.

Employers also have the choice to integrate their occupational health services with other primary care services. Amerisafe provides protocols, training, and software that will help to ensure the practical unification of operational health clinics and services from primary care physicians. While this integration is often efficient and beneficial, Amerisafe maintains a strict separation of health data. Work-related and (non)work-related health data will remain separate regardless of primary care integration.