Conducting Pre-Employment Drug Screenings with Amerisafe Group

Implementing an effective pre-employment drug screening program is critical for building a safe, productive workforce. As part of our Occupational Health Services, we provide pre-employment drug and alcohol testing to uphold compliance, safety, and performance standards across your workforce.

Our offerings include DOT and non-DOT drug screenings to support the hiring of qualified candidates and the maintenance of workplace integrity. Our responsive team of Occupational Health Nurses and medical staff ensures precision drug test analysis and results reporting that aligns with federal, state, and employer testing program requirements.

By partnering with us for strategically implemented pre-hire substance screening, you can make informed hiring decisions and take a preventative approach to preserving on-the-job safety through the early detection of drug abuse risks. We have years of expertise in customized pre-employment drug check solutions scaled to your unique operational needs.

Importance of Drug Screening in the Workplace

Pre-employment drug testing has become standard across most industries to provide a safe working environment and mitigate company risks. Pre-employment testing involves analyzing urine, hair, or saliva samples for evidence of drug use, most commonly marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and PCP.

Key goals of pre-employment drug screening are to promote workplace safety and productivity by reducing absenteeism, accidents, poor decisions, and legal liability. Testing also aims to minimize workers’ compensation claims and comply with regulatory requirements for safety-sensitive roles. Positive drug tests indicate recent use or addiction issues that may jeopardize employees’ ability to perform jobs safely and conscientiously. Implementing pre-employment screening demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and risk management.

In addition to pre-employment testing, many employers also conduct random drug testing and reasonable suspicion drug tests of current employees. Implementing an ongoing workplace drug testing policy promotes heightened safety and productivity by detecting drug abuse issues that can develop during employment.

Multipanel drug screen

Types of Drug Tests Offered

We provide a range of pre-employment drug and alcohol screening options tailored to Department of Transportation regulations and customized non-DOT programs designed around your organization’s workforce risk factors. Our testing capabilities allow companies to screen candidates for recent or long-term substance abuse spanning hundreds of prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit drugs.

For roles requiring Department of Transportation compliance, we ensure testing follows proper protocols as mandated by the DOT. This screens for intoxicating substances like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamines.

Beyond DOT criteria, companies can work with us to tailor testing plans screening for hundreds of prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit substances based on your workforce function and risk levels associated with specific occupations.

Depending on your workplace category and substance abuse risks identified, supplementary checks can include alcohol breathalyzers plus customized nicotine screenings evaluating tobacco use. If steroids pose concerns for desired physical fitness, we offer tailored tests detecting anabolic agent abuse.

Drug Screening Process

Amerisafe Group works to streamline the drug testing process, making it stress-free for employers to implement an effective screening program. We have the Occupational Health and Safety Professionals to ensure excellence.

  1. Employer contacts and contracts with Amerisafe Group to establish an account and options for screening services needed. This includes the type of tests, panel customization, collection site choices, reporting preferences, etc.
  2. Employer extends a contingent job offer to the candidate, contingent on passing the drug screening.
  3. Employer or Amerisafe Group gives instructions to the candidate to go to a designated collection site. Sites can include labs, hospitals, and clinics equipped for secure specimen collection.
  4. The candidate arrives at the site and provides a photo ID to confirm identity. An Amerisafe collector supervises the urine or hair specimen collection, ensuring proper procedures.
  5. The Amerisafe collector ships the specimen to a licensed testing laboratory. The lab processes and conducts screening and confirmation tests to determine if it is positive or negative.
  6. The Amerisafe lab reports final results to the employer or directly to the Medical Review Officer, if one is used.
  7. The MRO reviews the results and contacts the candidate to investigate any prescriptions or medical reasons in case of a positive test. They then finalize and report the results to the employer.
  8. Employer makes final hiring decision based on the drug screening results report.
post-accident drug testing

Expert On-Site Screening and Testing Services

Amerisafe Group also provides state-of-the-art occupational health and safety services at your worksite for current employees through our specially trained medical personnel and nurses. Our team will travel to your location to conduct:

  • DOT and Non-DOT Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Blood Draws For Lead- Baseline & Exit
  • Testing for Hazardous Exposure
  • Workers’ Comp Evaluations & Return to Work Services
  • First Aid/Medical Unit
  • Vaccinations
  • Drug Testing Services

At your request, Amerisafe Group’s occupational health specialists can conduct professional respirator fit testing at your worksite, ensuring all employees are properly fitted for maximum protection and regulatory compliance. Our nationwide team follows OSHA respiratory standards during onsite qualitative and quantitative testing to promote effective respirator usage and exposure control across industries.

Why Work with Amerisafe Group?

If you are seeking comprehensive and cost-effective workplace testing and occupational health staffing, Amerisafe Group has the knowledge and versatility to meet your needs. Our interrelated safety management, mobile onsite testing, training, and staffing services make us a unique resource equipped to handle diverse occupational health and safety priorities.

With decades of experience serving nationwide industries, we lead the way in customer service, providing custom programs that support worksite risk reduction and employee wellbeing. Our occupational medicine expertise spans from pre-employment assessments to crisis response, simplifying compliance through trusted advisor guidance tailored to your operational environment. By having Amerisafe Group as your partner, you gain peace of mind knowing dedicated occupational health and safety professionals support your workforce.

To learn more about our specialized services, contact Amerisafe Group today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-employment testing panels usually screen for prescription medications like opioids, common illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines, as well as alcohol. The specific drugs can vary based on the hiring company’s occupational requirements.

Most drug screening providers deliver pre-employment test results within 1-2 business days with urgent requests, sometimes receiving them in hours. Rapid turnarounds facilitate prompt hiring decisions after the candidate advances in the interview process.

In the case of failed pre-employment drug tests, additional review by a certifying Medical Review Officer would be done to investigate any potential false positive results. If the positive test is confirmed, those outcomes are communicated to the hiring employer to determine the appropriate next steps in accordance with pre-set drug screening protocols and compliance requirements before extending any offers.


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