Onsite Nursing and Physicians Assistants

As part of our complete Occupational Health Services, Amerisafe Group provides extensive workplace on-site health testing, first-aid, preventative clinics, and more. We staff top Occupational Health Professionals to deliver excellence through customized onsite nursing, physician assistants, and medical personnel. Stationed right at client facilities, our clinical teams offer vital urgent care, health management, risk assessment, and return-to-work services benefitting both employees and the organization.

We recognize the integral need for proper urgent care paired with reliable long-term health maintenance. Our rigorously trained medical staff make astute observations and determine appropriate interventions to uphold safe work environments and exemplary employee health.

Defining Onsite Nursing and Medical Staff

Onsite nurses, nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants refer to medical professionals stationed in the workplace itself as opposed to offsite clinics. They may operate from a small on-premises health office, converting conference room or mobile unit going directly to on-the-job employees.

These onsite providers conduct occupational healthcare such as emergency first aid, injury/illness evaluations, preventative screenings, health education, and critical incident stress management. As extensively trained medical experts embedded at the worksite, they can provide faster, more convenient access to quality care for the company’s staff.

Essential Onsite Services From Injury Care to Critical Testing

Amerisafe Group’s onsite medical personnel deliver a wide spectrum of vital occupational health services customized to each employer’s workforce. Our onsite services range from urgent care for workplace injuries to preventive check-ups that create a baseline view of employees’ health.

Core offerings include:

  • Urgent care & injury management
  • Health testing & monitoring
  • DOT and non-DOT alcohol/drug testing
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Blood draws to baseline and monitor lead exposure
  • Hazardous material exposure screening
  • Pulmonary function tests pre/post-respirator use
  • First aid
  • Immunization clinics
  • Return-to-work services
  • Workers’ compensation assessments
  • Face Respirator Fit Testing

The range of onsite services can be tailored to meet each company’s needs. Services can focus more on urgent care, preventative screenings, or working to find the right balance for the workforce. The offerings provided onsite depend on factors like employee health risks, age, workplace hazards, and budget.

The Benefits of Onsite Care

Employers who utilize Amerisafe Group’s onsite nursing and dedicated medical staff enjoy immense advantages spanning increased productivity to lower costs. By having certified occupational health nurses at your place of work conducting critical testing and care, issues are addressed promptly before escalating into lost time and higher medical expenses.

Amerisafe Group’s onsite services yield a spectrum of upsides;

Increased Productivity & Presenteeism

  • Expedited injury/illness diagnosis and care enables faster return to work after incidents.
  • Provides healthcare without offsite visits during shifts, maximizing on-job hours.

Lower Costs

  • Reduces expenses from external medical visits like ambulances, ER trips, and hospital stays.
  • Minimizes expensive workers’ compensation claims through early injury intervention and return-to-work coordination.

HR Efficiency & Risk Mitigation

  • Manages health-related leave/attendance tracking and reporting.
  • Maintains regulatory compliance around record-keeping.
  • Enhanced oversight of workplace safety risks and employee incident patterns.

Improved Risk Management

  • Identifies emerging job-site hazards like chemical exposures.
  • Recommends engineering controls like ventilation improvements to protect long-term employee health.

Additional Advantages

  • Fewer lost time days from shorter injury recovery
  • Reduced turnover attributable to health reasons
  • Higher employee job satisfaction and safety perception

Trust Amerisafe Group’s onsite services for maximizing workforce health while minimizing financial risks for employers seeking productivity and competitive advantage.

Facilities Utilizing Onsite Staff

Onsite nursing, physicians assistants, and dedicated medical review specialists are being increasingly adopted across a spectrum of workplace facilities and environments, including:

Manufacturing Facilities

High-risk settings like assembly plants, mills, and processing centers rely on immediate care availability from embedded staff to treat common workplace injuries from cuts to chemical exposures, plus provide health monitoring tied to regulations.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Fast-paced logistics facilities utilize onsite personnel to promptly diagnose strains and sprains from materials handling, minimizing time off work.

Construction Zones

Injuries like falls and accidents happen regularly on dynamic build sites making local urgent treatment essential. Providers also assess medical readiness for rigorous trade work.

There are numerous other industries that leverage Amerisafe Group’s occupational health services. The above reflects just a sample of facilities that benefit from onsite care.

Why Work with Amerisafe Group?

What sets Amerisafe Group apart is our best-in-class onsite nursing, physician assistants, and healthcare specialists. Available for manufacturing plants, construction zones, and more, these occupational health experts deliver workplace testing, urgent treatment, preventative care, and safety insights right where employees are located.

Our onsite nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and physician assistants undergo rigorous supplementary training in job-specific medicine beyond their advanced medical education, like injury rehabilitation, exposure monitoring, and ergonomic hazard identification. This allows them to make observations and recommend interventions tailored to protecting our clients’ indispensable workforce. Between customized onsite offerings and clinical excellence, Amerisafe Group delivers expert care via our onsite nursing and physician assistant personnel.

Discover firsthand how embedding certified occupational medicine professionals keeps employees healthy while avoiding lost time and mitigating safety risks. To learn more about our specialized services, contact Amerisafe Group today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Onsite nurses and medical personnel can perform a wide range of services, from minor injury diagnosis and treatment to routine health screenings and medication administration. Their services encompass any health issues directly impacting an employee’s ability to perform their work duties safely and productively. This allows them to get employees healthy and back to work faster.

Onsite nursing and dedicated healthcare staff are commonly utilized across heavy industry sectors like manufacturing, construction, transportation, and warehousing that face higher injury/illness risk. Any organization focused on productivity, safety, and health invests in embedded onsite care.

No, high-quality onsite care provided by trained medical professionals actually substantially reduces overall liability. The faster care facilitates optimal diagnosis and treatment, leading to better injury recovery outcomes and the design of safer return-to-work duty accommodations. Onsite staff’s expert advisement also reduces hazards. Clear agreements defining the onsite provider’s scope of practice and malpractice coverage offer further liability control.


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