Supervisors: The Backbone of Your Safety Program

Quality front-line supervisors are the key to drive safety success in organizations. They are the employees most familiar with how teams operate, and they act as the closest level of management on the ground with workers. This gives supervisors the unique ability to act as a bridge between upper and lower levels of an organization. […]

Help Your Culture Survive Through Turnover

Companies of every size and industry are feeling the crunch from high turnover and hiring woes. The churn puts additional stress on company resources to hire, onboard, and train up workers or take on extra work as some positions remain open. The increased pressure put on supervisors and managers hustling to cover the work with […]

Safety Assessments: Get Real to Get Better

A perspective is a valuable tool. But evaluating anything from the same viewpoint over and over will only ever yield the same picture. This is why gaining a full, well-rounded perspective from multiple angles is so important to achieve real progress. An issue many safety programs face is using the same singular perspective with a […]

Personal Protective Equipment for Arc Flash Hazards

Electricity can be dangerous; this is a fact that we all know. Why don’t we always treat it as such, though? Is it because we are far too familiar with it? Do we become complacent, believing that we are safe from electrical incidents because we’ve never had one before? Perhaps this is the case. This […]

Electrical Safety in the Workplace is Everyone’s Job

Electricity is the energy we depend on for our lives and for work. When electrical systems are installed and maintained properly, they are controlled effectively. There are two types of employees: electrical workers and non-electrical workers. Electrical Hazard Awareness Question: When we are at work, who has the largest exposure to electrical hazards? Answer: The workers who […]

Safety Training: The Cost of Safety Per Employee

It’s no secret that safety requires an investment to be successful. But that budget will be consistently called into question. So here’s a clear breakdown of the savings versus costs of a safety program to justify the importance of that strong safety budget. Creating an annual budget often requires being cut-throat. Or at least that’s […]

Deadlines Approaching – OSHA Posting and Filing Requirements

By: Chase Bauer, GSP – Amerisafe Group · February 1, 2023 – Post OSHA Form 300A for 2022 · March 2, 2023 – Submit Form 300A data for 2022 electronically to OSHA (if a covered employer) Every year most employers are required to post their OSHA Form 300A – Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (a.k.a., OSHA Recordable Cases). […]

Safety Meetings: Why Management Should Show Up

Safety Management Programs It’s not easy being a manager. A schedule full of pressing responsibilities and duties that are difficult to communicate to other employees but that are necessary to ensure the business keeps running smoothly day in and day out. A macro focus trained on every aspect of a company or department at once […]

Face Shields Proper Usage – Risk Reduction

Face Shields Proper Usage People are not perfect and often make mistakes. We take shortcuts, forget how to do things, or become distracted at times when we shouldn’t. In most aspects of our lives, these are not things that have dire consequences. At work, however, surrounded by hazards, these types of mistakes can alter lives, […]

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Familiarity lulls people into a false sense of safety. People who perform a task many times without incident begin to think that they are working safely, even when they are not. They become desensitized to the hazards of the work that they do, and may even begin to take short-cuts that increase their risk of […]

The Importance of Safety Committees in Your Organization

People take a stronger interest in decisions when they have a say or vote in the outcome. This is true for simple choices like daily lunch orders, colors of uniforms, or what to get a boss during the holidays. It’s also true in situations with greater consequences. This is why employers work so hard to […]

First Aid in the Workplace

Preventing tragedies is all about planning ahead. First Aid in the Workplace, Emergency Action Three minutes is not a lot of time, but it can be the difference between life and death. When workers are seriously injured, those three minutes can determine if they will be permanently blind, or if they will ever return to […]