Forklift Safety

Safety is critical for the success of any business, whether it be in the workplace or on the road. 

For those working in a warehousing, manufacturing, or construction environment, forklift safety training is essential. Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are incredibly useful for moving heavy pallets, shipments, and other large loads but can be dangerous if not operated properly. 

To ensure that your workspace remains safe for employees and visitors alike, it’s important to have comprehensive on-site forklift safety training in place. 

Training Your Workers for On-Site Forklift Safety 

When it comes to on-site forklift safety training, there are several steps you should take to ensure that your equipment operators are properly trained and prepared for any potential hazards. 

First, develop and implement an on-site training program. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard requires employers to create an effective safety program that outlines all necessary policies and procedures related to operating a forklift. This should include general rules such as always wearing protective equipment while operating a forklift and never exceeding the speed limit. 

Additionally, provide specific instructions regarding how to safely move objects with a forklift as well as how to park it when not in use. 

Next, make sure your staff is familiar with all applicable local laws and regulations related to operating a forklift. This includes making sure they understand the types of loads that can be safely moved by a forklift as well as how to properly manage access to machinery. 

OSHA regulations require that all powered industrial truck operators be certified to use a forklift through formal instruction. Whether forklift operators are experienced or brand new, OSHA requires employers to have every prospective forklift operator undergo online or classroom training to obtain forklift certification.

Finally, provide regular refresher courses for your certified forklift operators, either through online classes or hands-on training, so that employees stay up-to-date on changes in safety protocols or new technologies related to operating forklifts safely. 

What To Include In Your On-Site Forklift Training 

Before operating a forklift, employers must evaluate the operator’s performance to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared to use the forklift safely. This means conducting and completing a forklift safety training course in accordance with OSHA requirements. 

The content of your on-site forklift training will vary depending on the specific type of work being done at your facility but should generally cover topics such as: 

  • Operating instructions for different types of lift trucks
  • Safe loading practices 
  • Pre-operational checks 
  • Proper maneuvering techniques 
  • Refueling/recharging procedures 
  • Inspection guidelines 
  • Emergency procedures

To guarantee forklifts are driven by competent operators, it’s also important that each employee receives hands-on instruction from experienced instructors who can demonstrate proper technique and answer questions about any part of the process they may not understand fully. 

This ensures that everyone has had ample opportunity to practice the demonstrations performed before attempting any actual work tasks with a lift truck. 

Additionally, consider providing access to additional resources such as videos or online tutorials so employees can review all necessary knowledge from their operator training sessions at home or during breaks at work if needed. 

Benefits Of On-Site Forklift Safety Training 

On-site forklift safety training provides numerous benefits for both employers and employees alike including: 

  • Reduced risk of accidents due to improved knowledge about safe forklift operation techniques
  • Increased productivity due to better understanding of how best to move loads without compromising safety 
  • Improved morale among workers who feel confident in their ability operate machinery safely 
  • Lower insurance premiums due to fewer incidents resulting from unsafe practices 
  • Better compliance with legal requirements regarding workplace health & safety standards 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Onsite forklift training is a type of operator training that takes place at a facility where forklifts are being used. It provides employees with instruction in the safe operation of forklifts, as well as other related safety topics such as proper maintenance and loading techniques.
Any employee who will be operating a forklift must take on-site forklift training in order to be certified to do so safely and properly.
On-site forklift training course timelines vary, but generally speaking, most courses can be completed within 1–2 days depending upon how much material needs to be covered and how quickly the participants grasp the concepts taught.