Safety Assessments: Get Real to Get Better

A perspective is a valuable tool. But evaluating anything from the same viewpoint over and over will only ever yield the same picture. This is why gaining a full, well-rounded perspective from multiple angles is so important to achieve real progress.

An issue many safety programs face is using the same singular perspective with a narrow scope to determine how well the company’s safety program is performing. These same companies can see rising incidents or injury numbers but they’re unable to address the root cause of these issues because they’re limited by the information that isn’t being collected or considered. This leads to frustration on management’s end and stress and heightened risks for workers.

The only solution for companies looking to make positive progress is to cast a wider net to capture multiple perspectives on the organization’s safety program. This allows the company to apply solutions based on new perspectives and get a real evaluation of how well their safety program is functioning.

The Power of Multiple Perspectives

The best way to know how in touch an organization is with its safety program is to hear directly from the employees, management, and supervisors themselves. Because comparing the viewpoints and responses of each of these groups shows where the organization is aligned in its safety goals and uncovers safety gaps where organizations can focus their efforts to benefit from additional safety education and resources.

But collecting all of these first-hand accounts is a large project to undertake. And solutions based on these employee responses will only be as strong as the responses are accurate.

Ensuring accuracy in these accounts requires collecting responses in a way where workers feel confident speaking truthfully and objectively without pressure from the organization as a whole. This can be difficult for companies to achieve on their own — both in knowing what to ask and in collecting the data in a way that yields accurate results. This is why partnering with a safety management company like Amerisafe Group can help.

Looking Outside to Improve Inside

Collecting employees’ perspectives on safety is the first step toward gaining a full understanding of the effectiveness of an organization’s safety program. The next level is a thorough dive on the entire organization to provide a robust picture of how safety actually functions.

Taking an objective look from the outside in is difficult for any organization. Being so close to the day-to-day operations and functions creates blind spots that are hard to spot from within or that organizations can’t even identify. But an objective point of view is necessary for companies looking to build a successful culture of safety.

This is why teaming up with experienced safety professionals with a critical outside perspective and with data-based action plans is important. Optimum Safety Management uses their P3 Safety Culture Analysis™ for a thorough top-down view of how safety functions within an organization to provide holistic solutions tailored for each company they partner with. Optimum uses their objective and unbiased evaluation focused on over 30 KPIs to collect and evaluate how safety is managed across a company’s people, plant, and processes. This data is then collected in one easy-to-understand visual that Optimum professionals use to customize an action plan to address the company’s specific safety goals.

Get the real picture of safety with a perspective that evaluates every aspect of an organization from the top down. Partner with Amerisafe Group to apply their PerceptionPulseTM Engagement Survey and P3 Safety Culture Analysis™ and use the complete understanding of where safety is working and where opportunities for improvement are needed to improve and create a comprehensive culture of safety within the workplace — for your company and your employees.