The Real Cost of a Workplace Injury

We all know injuries can be expensive, but how many people know exactly how much an injury costs? Finding the real cost of a workplace injury not only shows the financial implications but forces us to think about the auxiliary effects of an incident. When a worker gets injured, what are the effects on production, […]

Face Shields For OSHA Workplace Injury Prevention

PPE Focus: Face Shields For Workplace Injury Prevention We talk a lot about eye safety and eye protection when dealing with hazards like sparks, debris, or splashing chemicals, and focus on safety glasses and goggles as an important part of our personal protective equipment (PPE). This makes sense – our eyes are easily damaged, and […]

Workplace Injury Prevention: Using the Right Footwear

Workplace Injury Prevention

We tend to take our mobility for granted.  Need something from the other room?  Walk over and get it.  Activities like these are ones that we often don’t give much thought to – we just do them.  But what if something happened so it was no longer this easy?  What if an injury robbed us […]

Workplace Injury Prevention For Hand And Power Tools

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Workplace Injury Prevention For Hand And Power Tools Whether around the house, around the office, or in the workplace, hand and power tools are a common part of life for most of us. Sometimes they are everyday tools that perform a variety of tasks, such as a power drill found in many homes. Other times […]