Implementing A Safety Incentive Program

safety incentive programs

Safety Incentive Programs Safety incentive and disincentive programs are tricky to implement in ways that are truly effective. Often, there are short term gains that are not sustainable and then damage “culture” within an organization. However, if done well, they can really yield a sustainable result. Here are some thoughts to consider: Financial incentive programs […]

What Obama’s Final Year May Mean for Safety Professionals

Any OSHA Surprises in Obama Final Year

With a little over a year until the 2016 Presidential Election, and roughly 15 months until the end of President Obama’s term, one would be prudent to prepare for potential last minute changes before the next president takes office. Noting this, safety professionals could be some of the most heavily affected as President Obama takes […]

Excavation and Trenching: OSHA Introduces New Safety Guide

OSHA Excavation and Trenching

Without a plan, gravity plus time equals tragedy in the trenches. Listed among the most hazardous activities on the job site, providing a safe working environment consists of much more than just digging, throwing in a box, and hoping for the best. But just how quickly can poor planning turn into tragedy? Take a minute […]

Hazard Communication: Major Changes and Effective Dates

As you should know, in December of 2013 OSHA began implementing the Globally Harmonized System in which the information for hazardous materials is communicated consistently across all borders of the globe.  The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals (GHS) is expected to prevent injuries and illnesses and improve the knowledge of hazards throughout […]

Criminal OSHA Charges Brought Against Operations Director and Safety Manager

OSHA Legal Update

A recent OSHA Legal Update from Matt Horn of SmithAmundsen discussed recent charges brought against an operations director and safety manager. “On October 11, 2013, an employee at a Bumble Bee Foods plant in California entered a large oven used to sterilize cans to make an adjustment inside the oven. While the employee was in the oven, […]

Unavoidable Employee Misconduct Defense to OSHA Liability

As most employers are (or should be) aware, there are literally hundreds and, in some industries, thousands of federal and state OSHA regulations regarding occupational safety and health which may apply and which create potential civil and criminal liability for the employer and managers. This article will discuss the primary defense available to an employer […]

Increased Risk of an OSHA Repeat Citation

If OSHA issues a citation following an inspection, employers are frequently tempted to settle quickly and informally for a reduced penalty rather than contest the citation which may have no factual or legal support without considering future consequences. By foregoing potential factual and legal defenses for a quick and easy resolution of a citation involving […]