11 Manufacturing Safety Topics & Tips to Discuss at Your Next Safety Meeting

Workplace safety is vital, particularly in high-risk fields like manufacturing. Ensuring the well-being of employees requires constant vigilance. One way to encourage a safe work environment is to review best practices and rules with your company. These safety guidelines and concepts can be applied to most manufacturing operations and will help keep employees safe and […]

10 Competencies of Effective Safety Leadership

Effective safety leadership is critical for any organization looking to ensure the well-being of their employees. But being a great safety leader means more than just enforcing the rules – it also means caring about the team and demonstrating safety values through your actions as a leader.  Let’s take a look at how effective safety […]

8 Key Components of a Successful Safety Management Program

A safe work environment is the cornerstone of any successful business. Too often, companies prioritize productivity or profits over safety – to the detriment of their workers. Thankfully, the idea that businesses must choose between good work environments and revenue is a myth. A well-designed health and safety program can improve productivity and ensure employee […]

5 Different Types of OSHA Inspections

What is an OSHA Inspection? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency responsible for protecting the health and safety of workers in the United States. The organization conducts inspections to ensure employers provide safe working conditions for their employees. OSHA inspections are on-site visits that review workplace conditions and practices, identify […]

What is an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Why Does It Matter?

The experience modification rate (EMR) is a key factor in determining the cost of workers’ compensation insurance premiums for businesses. A higher EMR indicates that the company has had more claims, or more expensive claims, than the industry average. This makes it risky for insurers to cover them.  By understanding what factors go into their […]