Lockout Tagout Procedures in 7 Simple Steps

Employers need to understand how important lockout and tagout procedures are to ensure safety on the job and that these procedures are only effective when employees follow through on all the steps in the full lockout/tagout process. Author: Reviewed by Amerisafe Safety Consultants What is a Lockout/Tagout? A lockout tagout procedure is used to ensure […]

The Critical Importance of Worker Feedback in Safety

A number of companies lean on their staff to create and enforce safety policies based solely on injury data and OSHA standards. These same companies wonder why they experience high employee turn-over rates and lower reported employee engagement. This is because they are overlooking a key contribution to build a successful safety culture: communication. Employee […]

The 3 Most Overlooked Safety Requirements

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There are many incentives for employers to stay on top of safety requirements and safe working habits. Avoiding costly fines, safeguarding workers’ lives and limbs, and ensuring work continues efficiently without broken equipment are all legitimate reasons for companies to make sure every safety requirement possible is being followed. But even the best of intentions […]

Lockout/Tagout: Three Critical Factors To Drive Employee Engagement

Employers need to understand how important lockout and tagout procedures are to ensure safety on the job and that these procedures are only effective when employees follow through on all the steps in the full lockout/tagout process. Workers may skip steps when they don’t fully understand the importance of what they’re doing. It can be […]

6 Simple Ways to Bolster Safety Compliance

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Compliance is a scary word for many companies. It creates ideas that companies must delicately walk a safety tightrope, or one slip-up or incident can drop companies into a boiling pot of OSHA violations and fines. But compliance doesn’t need to be a scary word around the job site or office. There are a number […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Safety Culture

Companies committed to supporting safety in their workplaces understand the critical role their culture plays in reinforcing safe working habits for their workers. Because a strong safety culture guides workers through the influence of their peers, supervisors, and management to consider whether they are working safely, following protocols, and avoiding unnecessary risks. This creates opportunities […]

Help Your Culture Survive Through Turnover

Companies of every size and industry are feeling the crunch from high turnover and hiring woes. The churn puts additional stress on company resources to hire, onboard, and train up workers or take on extra work as some positions remain open. The increased pressure put on supervisors and managers hustling to cover the work with […]

Safety Assessments: Get Real to Get Better

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Perspective is a valuable tool. But evaluating anything from the same viewpoint over and over will only ever yield the same picture. Which is why gaining a full, well-rounded perspective from multiple angles is so important to achieve real progress. An issue many safety programs face is using the same singular perspective with a narrow […]

Safety Training: The Cost of Safety Per Employee

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Creating an annual budget often requires being cut-throat. Or at least that’s the line told to every department head at the beginning of the fiscal year. But how valid that line of thinking is doesn’t really matter when being asked point blank to justify the current safety budget or lose it. Breaking down the budget […]

The Importance of Safety Committees in Your Organization

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People take a stronger interest in decisions when they have a say or vote in the outcome. This is true for simple choices like daily lunch orders, colors of uniforms, or what to get a boss during the holidays. It’s also true in situations with greater consequences. This is why employers work so hard to […]

Safety Meetings: Why Management Should Show Up

It’s not easy being a manager. A schedule full of pressing responsibilities and duties that are difficult to communicate to other employees but that are necessary to ensure the business keeps running smoothly day in and day out. A macro focus trained on every aspect of a company or department at once to ensure nothing […]

3 Winter Workplace Safety Tips

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Winter brings along more than shorter days, snowy landscapes, and dropping temperatures. Wintery weather creates additional hazards and challenges that make work more difficult and dangerous. Ensure your safety culture extends year-round – snow or shine. Don’t wait until the freezing temperatures set in to begin preparing. It’s important to establish and share winter weather […]