Safety Meetings: Why Management Should Show Up

It’s not easy being a manager. A schedule full of pressing responsibilities and duties that are difficult to communicate to other employees but that are necessary to ensure the business keeps running smoothly day in and day out. A macro focus trained on every aspect of a company or department at once to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. And an obligation to pitch in to tackle the hard questions and tasks from workers when they get stuck or to untangle messes with outside vendors and clients to ensure progress can continue without interruption.

It can seem almost impossible for a manager to find a free moment in the midst of every other high-priority call and duty. And the thought of filling those rare moments with another meeting is likely unappealing. But effective leadership requires doing a bit more when given the opportunity. And managers will find that putting in this extra effort is worth the reward.

Because managers that take time to attend safety meetings with their workers find that they have more cohesive and efficient teams, more effective safety solutions, and a stronger safety culture within their organization.

The Power of Presence

Members of management that show up to safety meetings make a powerful statement with just their presence. It shows that upper management actually treats safety as a priority by listening to the briefings from supervisors and aligning on safety initiatives with workers. This adds a real human aspect to the message management sends when they say that safety is important. It shows that the company as a whole is paying attention and that employees should the same.

This goes even further when managers interact and present portions of the safety meetings. Managers shouldn’t feel the need to prove themselves. But presenting on relevant safety topics and directly addressing safety concerns in their own words reassures employees that what managers and the company are saying about safety is authentic. This boosts employee morale and makes employees more willing to engage with company safety initiatives and education.

Hearing and Using the Valuable Insights of Front-Line Workers

Safety meetings also provide an opportunity for managers to connect more directly with their teams. Because managers who attend safety meetings can hear from workers directly about the safety issues and concerns they face.

Managers who take the time to listen to front-line workers gain a deeper understanding of the issues workers face as these front-line workers provide insights as the experts on both the work and its hazards. This unique perspective front-line workers provide also makes them valuable resources to tap as managers consider solutions for safety concerns. And involving workers in the entire safety conversation builds an even greater trust and respect between management and the workforce that strengthens the organization’s culture of safety.

Finding time for weekly safety meetings in an already packed schedule can be difficult. But managers who make time to attend safety meetings regularly are tapped directly into the heartbeat of their business. They know how well an organization is functioning and if there are any immediate risks that need to be addressed. They get a direct look at employee engagement and if their teams would benefit from additional safety education and workshops. And they better understand the progress workers have with specific safety initiatives to reduce hazards and injuries and where teaming with outside safety experts could best help their employees.

Because managers who show up stay on the pulse and keep their employees safer, more engaged, and more prepared on the job.

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