Start 2021 with a New Commitment to Safety

With the new year fast approaching, the time to start drafting resolutions is here. While there are
innumerable little changes that can help here or there in daily life, the best resolutions are ones
that create a lasting impact for the greater good, such as organizations resolving to implement a
company-wide safety program. Kicking off the new year with safety at the forefront is a decisive
way for employers to show how deeply they value their employees, personally and
professionally. Safety is smart for business. By defining safety goals and crafting a safety
program strengthened with a safety leadership team, companies provide a framework to boost
employee morale, increase production and efficiency, and ultimately, boost their bottom-line.

The Gift of a Safety Culture

Using the new year to kick off a commitment to safety is a gift for the whole company. To get the
most out of a safety program, though, organizations need to understand what safety looks like
outside of the typical assumptions. Beyond necessary safety gear and equipment, such as
hardhats, work gloves, harnesses, and proper footwear, safety promotes efficiency and
continual improvement. Safety is increased awareness, as employees use learnings from safety
trainings to pinpoint potential issues before they create additional injuries or slow down work.
Safety is strengthened interdepartmental teamwork, from engaged, hands-on workshops and
safety goal discussions. Safety is skill development and knowledge expansion, with safety
leader trainings allowing those with leadership potential to flourish, and with safety leadership
teams providing opportunities to both spearhead safety program implementation, and influence
other employees to adopt safe working habits and maximize their own potential.

A Resolution for Safety Benefits Everyone

Safety programs make better workplaces and enrich organizational dynamics across the board.
The data provided from a detailed safety program helps stakeholders at the top of an
organization’s hierarchy get a more detailed glimpse into ways to streamline how work is done,
while reducing injuries and strengthening employee trust. The guidance of safety trainings and
workshops help supervisors better communicate with their direct reports, providing a pipeline for
diagnosing and addressing safety concerns from the production floor, and allowing employees
to feel heard. The increased safety measures show employees the tangible ways in which
an organization values workers beyond their ability to do work, boosting employee morale and
enriching company culture.

Altogether, the benefits of well-established safety programs stoke employee engagement,
streamline production from fewer injuries and production shut-downs, and directly increase an
organization’s profit margin. From a cultural, fiscal, and ethical perspective, the creation and
promotion of safety is one of the best investments an organization can make at the beginning of
the new year.

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