Save Time & Money: Automate Your New Hire and Ongoing Employee Training

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Maintaining accurate records for employee training participation is a challenge as much as it is a necessity. Many organizations struggle to find the perfect method to both make trainings widely available and to ensure those trainings are completed.

And these metrics are important—organizations need to fall within specific state and federal guidelines while establishing employees have the safety knowledge to do their jobs properly.

But manual tracking via spreadsheets or participation surveys is clunky and quickly devolves into more of a hassle than an accurate headcount.

Both employees and employers need a simple, engaging training solution that provides the necessary information and keeps track of who has completed what without layers of extra work. Which is why Optimum Safety Management developed the OptimumOnlineTM training platform.


A Simpler Process for Training

OptimumOnlineTM is a comprehensive online compendium of safety training modules, videos, and interactive quizzes. The materials provided cover topics ranging from new hire onboarding, to specific role training and certifications, to annual and ongoing safety training. This breadth of content is further bolstered by the ability for employers to automatically log and track all training types via the OptimumOnlineTM training portal. This includes logs for on-site training as well as reports showing employees complete, past due, and upcoming courses. Optimum goes even further for organizations and provides a year-long weekly training schedule to help businesses stay on track to hit their annual compliance training requirements

The OptimumOnlineTM training platform provides a simplified one-stop-shop for employee safety training. Providing all of this material in one place allows employers to use a single training solution for employees throughout their organization rather than spending money to source material from multiple vendors. The built-in tracking and milestone features let employers save even more valuable time and money with an intuitive online portal for supervisors versus trying to set-up and maintain a manual tracking system or outsourcing tracking to a 3rd party app.


Customized Content for Your Business and Industry

Many training programs fall back on providing general materials that miss the full scope of the safety issues affecting particular roles or industries. OptimumOnlineTM tailors training to be more effective for businesses by including those overarching materials as well as providing custom content to target the unique safety needs of a particular organization, occupation, or industry standard. Optimum works with organizations to craft holistic training materials suited to their operating procedures and standards’ needs to create a training program that truly targets an organization’s safety goals.

An employer can also incorporate materials they’ve already created into the online training schedules on OptimumOnlineTM.  Employers are able to upload their custom content directly to the OptimumOnlineTM portal and provide employee access 24/7 to fit their personal preference and schedule.

Employees are more likely to complete their safety education when content is easy to access from anywhere and comes with a schedule they can understand and follow. Streamlining how supervisors can assign training and certifications, verify courses are being completed, and access custom content will further boost employee safety training engagement while saving an organization time and money. Adopting a proactive approach puts employer’s on a better path to safety success than being caught in a reactive loop with less effective training materials. Take the first steps toward being proactive with safety training by reviewing how an OptimumOnlineTM training plan can help drive new hire and ongoing employee training completion.

Optimum Safety Management provides the information and services to help companies develop safety leaders and improve overall safety performance. For more information on how Optimum Safety Management can assist with your businesses’ safety needs, contact an expert today, or reach out via phone at 630-759-9908.

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