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PEC Basic Safety Orientation vs OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course

Amerisafe offers both PEC Basic Orientation (a.k.a., “Safeland”) and the OSHA 10-hour safety courses. Recently there have been some questions regarding which is “better” than the other. The answer is “it depends” upon why the training is needed and which training could be more useful to a company. Prepared below is the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each course.

PEC Training Orientation


  1. Training is a basic orientation tailored to the oil and gas industry.
  2. Training is 8 hours and easily achievable in one day so less expensive for the presentation as there is less Instructor time and less student time involved.
  3. PEC tracks all training completed in their database and card can be retrieved electronically through a mobile APP.
  4. Replacement cards can be requested through PEC without having to go through the original instructor.


  1. Not recognized or transferable outside of the oil and gas industry.
  2. Requires an Instructor be present, so on-line or computer-based training not an option
  3. Maximum of 25 students per class, which may necessitate multiple classes

OSHA 10 Safety Courses:


  1. Customizable electives to fit variety of contractor’s needs.
  2. Sponsored by OSHA and accepted by all types of construction projects not just oil & gas.
  3. Available on-line and new requirements allow to be done via webinar, so easier to have smaller numbers (1 or 2 workers) get training.
  4. Maximum of 40 students per class, which may necessitate fewer classes.


  1. Requires two days to complete the course
  2. Increased price for the presentation as there is more Instructor time and more student time and expense involved.
  3. Replacement card has to be requested through the original instructor.

Amerisafe can discuss the benefits of each course further if you desire, and help you determine which course is most appropriate for your company. To register for an upcoming PEC and/or OSHA 10-hour safety course, see below.