OSHA Crane Operators in Construction New Rule

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OSHA Proposes New Rule for Crane Operators in Construction

On May 18 2018, OSHA published its proposed rule for crane operators in construction to amend requirements in the previous rule from 2010. The proposed rule sought to remove the requirement for operators to be certified in the capacity of the crane being used. This would allow for more operators to be able to meet the requirement.

OSHA’s Previous Rule on Crane Operators

In 2010 OSHA issued the final rule for cranes and derricks. This rule required crane operators to be certified by type of crane and the capacity of the crane. While this may sound like a logical requirement, the trouble is no certification existed for capacity of cranes, only for type. OSHA extended the deadline of compliance from 2014 to 2017 so that certification organizations could alter their programs to align with OSHA’s new requirement. As of November 2017 no certification program included capacity, so OSHA extended the compliance date again until November of 2018 and put out a new proposed rule which would remove the requirement for capacity from the standard. According to the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) OSHA does not believe it will be able to get the proposed rule passed in time for the November 2018 enforcement date, and requested until April 2019 as a proposed enforcement date.

Changes in the New Proposed Rule

To sum it up, there were three big changes included in the new proposed rule:

  • Removal of the requirement to certify operators by capacity of the crane.
  • Permanently maintain the employer’s duty to evaluate its operators.
  • Additional requirement for employers to pay for employees’ certification with no cost to the employee.

Update: Rule Finalized, November 10, 2018 Enforcement Date

On November 5, 2018 OSHA released a memo stating the agency “does not intend to enforce the requirement that certification identify a lifting capacity for the certification.” This means the proposed changes withheld and the requirements have been reducing from needing certification by type and capacity to just type.

There are now two important dates to be aware of:

  • November 10, 2018: Enforcement begins, operators must have a certification by type of crane.
  • February 7, 2019: Employers are required to evaluate operators to ensure they are licensed, certified, trained and evaluated.

If you have questions about the new rule and requirements to the employer, below are several resources published by the NCCCO:


For specific questions pertaining to the requirements for Crane Operators, contact our Safety Helpline:

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