OSHA Compliance: Why Routine Inspections are So Important

A major goal of every organization is to actively avoid OSHA citations. This goal makes sense to most employers as OSHA citations are a major setback and can leave a lasting negative impression on a business. Some companies believe maintaining the bare minimum of annual training and displaying OSHA posters around the workplace will be enough to cover their OSHA compliance needs and avoid citations. But the bare minimum protection only extends so far and this strategy falls short when hefty fines, professional reputation, and human lives are on the line.

Companies looking for a more secure way to ensure they remain OSHA-compliant need to take safety seriously. Establishing a safety culture to provide safety processes and systems that proactively work to correct issues helps companies maintain compliance with OSHA regulations. But organizations need to know where to focus their efforts before issues can be addressed. This is why a full safety analysis conducted by professionals and routine inspections are so important for a strong OSHA compliance program.

Take in the View

Site inspections and assessments with a safety management professional help point out areas of concern that exist within a facility right now. Addressing these issues should be the first point of concern for employers because these are the areas OSHA will hone in on should they perform an on-site inspection.

But a single inspection will not cement compliance forever. Site inspections should be a routine piece of an organization’s safety plan to both ensure previous issues are addressed and to catch new issues before they cause problems. Because safety issues can arise at any time and addressing these issues is about more than avoiding fines — it’s about maintaining the safety of employees’ lives and livelihoods.

Compliance through Continual Improvement

The ability to proactively address potential safety issues before they become a problem is the benefit of continuous improvement from a strong culture of safety. Every potential issue might not be caught before it becomes active but catching as many as possible saves time, reduces injuries and accidents, and maintains production without halts. It also maintains OSHA compliance and keeps employers calm in the presence of OSHA inspectors. Because knowing the full scope of a facility’s safety performance prevents employers from being caught off-guard by inspector questions and inspections.

OSHA citations are costly, scary, and debilitating for employee morale. And employers will go to extreme measures to avoid them. But maintaining OSHA compliance is as simple as maintaining a healthy safety culture in the workplace. The goals of a safety culture align with the goals of OSHA compliance to reduce employee risk and potential for injury while on the job. It also helps to consult a professional to utilize their expertise on the subject.

Team with a professional safety consultant like Amerisafe Group to conduct routine inspections and build an action plan to address issues to help reach and exceed safety and compliance goals.

Amerisafe provides the information and services to help companies develop safety leaders and improve overall safety performance. For more information on how we can assist with your businesses’ safety needs, contact an expert today, or reach out via phone.

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