OSHA Compliance Consulting

Amerisafe Group is consistently working with clients to develop OSHA-required programs.

These programs are tailored both to the individual client’s needs but also to regulatory requirements. We help to aid as a guide to the implementation of both OSHA safety standards and client requirements by first conducting a comprehensive assessment of each client’s unique operations and risk exposures. These programs openly outline both employee and employer responsibility, accountability, and authority within each location.

Minimizing or eliminating workplace hazards does not need to be time-consuming or expensive, but protocols do need to be in place. Awareness of possible workplace hazards can increase productivity, prevent illness and injury, reduce days off, and ultimately these protocols can save lives.


What is OSHA Compliance?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, is the federal agency charged with ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees across the country. OSHA was established in 1971 and derives its authority from the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which requires employers to provide workplaces free from recognized safety and health hazards.

To meet this mandate, OSHA has developed extensive regulations and compliance standards that cover nearly all industries and work settings. These legally binding requirements set forth what actions employers must take to protect their workers from on-the-job hazards. OSHA safety standards address everything from exposure limits for toxic chemicals to proper protective equipment to safety procedures around machine operation and ergonomics.

The standards are grouped into four major categories: General Industry, Construction, Maritime, and Agriculture. General Industry standards apply to a wide range of workplaces, from manufacturing plants to offices, while the other three cover hazards unique to those fields. Employers in every industry have a legal duty to comply with the OSHA standards relevant to their business. Amerisafe works to help your company improve safety and health programs through our OSHA compliance consulting services.

Companies that properly manage occupational safety and health will always position themselves to function more efficiently. These companies most often experience decreases in worker turnover, lower insurance rates, and higher levels of employee productivity; all of these factors work together to improve company profitability. The National Safety Council reports that for every $1 an employer invests in safety, a $3 to $6 return on investment is made.

OSHA Compliance Consulting - Amerisafe can help!

OSHA Compliance Consulting

Incident and Injury Prevention

While it is difficult to prevent 100 percent of workplace injuries, we firmly believe that a majority of workplace incidents can be prevented by taking proper precautions. It is for this reason we no longer refer to incidents as accidents. Our objective is to be a helping hand for companies looking to create and uphold a safe workplace for every employee. We want to do more than just help prevent incidents and injuries. We want to help our clients develop fully realized, safe, and effective protocols for their work environments. Your employees will gain knowledge and insight into best practices for a vast array of safety issues, such as real-time incident reporting, which allows hazards to be quickly identified and corrected before injuries occur. This awareness allows business integrity and profitability to continue to take precedence while also protecting your most valuable asset—your employees.

Our clients can rely on the highly experienced OSHA safety compliance consultants at Amerisafe to deliver incomparable occupational safety and health management services.

Workplace incidents and injuries need to be taken very seriously. Not only because of the injured employee’s needs but also for workers that might have been involved: witnesses, OSHA investigators, insurance personnel, company attorneys, and more. If a workplace incident were to happen, Amerisafe would work with company leadership and OSHA to conduct a comprehensive investigation and deliver our client’s possible corrective actions to implement. These actions will improve workplace safety, as well as employee retention and health.

Amerisafe utilizes our compliance consultant experts to determine underlying issues that might have led to the workplace incident. Once these issues are discovered, we work with our clients to provide safety training and determine best practices that mitigate or erase that risk in the future. Amerisafe takes pride in our many years of experience as OSHA compliance consultants. Our procedures are a product of our expert staff and experience combined. As your workplace continues to grow, incidents may happen. And if so, we are here to help you avoid unnecessary risk, fines, or other OSHA citations and penalties.

OSHA Compliance Consulting

Extensive Safety Consulting

Regardless of how far an employer’s safety program has come, Amerisafe is here to help grow and support your company. We can assist you in making sure your program not only meets but surpasses OSHA regulations. If an OSHA audit were to occur, Amerisafe could provide you with direct support by thoroughly reviewing your policies, procedures, and documentation to identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance with OSHA standards. Our safety consultants would then work closely with you to update and strengthen your program, using our extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations to ensure your workplace is compliant and prepared for an inspection.

Amerisafe provides:

  • An all-inclusive service that exceeds your safety needs and OSHA regulations safety requirements, allowing your workplace to become safer and more productive. These services include many components, including safety training, safety training program development, high-level safety consulting, and more.
  • Highly qualified OSHA safety compliance professionals that are deeply dedicated to giving extremely high standards of service. Our compliance consultants will travel to your site to personally ensure that you receive efficient services that have been uniquely adapted to the specific complexities of your company.

Our Training Benefits

Safety and Health Services and Training

Amerisafe OSHA safety training compliance consultants are not just trained to identify workplace safety and health hazards, but they can also offer expert opinions regarding efficiency improvement in the workplace. They analyze workflows, processes, and layouts to identify opportunities to enhance productivity while maintaining safety standards.

Our compliance consultant experts work with clients directly to understand needs specific to the workplace. We take the time to look at all existing workplace hazards, potential hazards, and the likelihood of occurrence. Clients can voice their issues with our consultants, and our compliance consultants will, in turn, create effective safety plans and protocols that effectively help to prevent workplace hazards. We have the OSHA standards training experience and credibility to advise our clients on what choices need to be made and what protocols should be implemented.

We also offer our clients Workplace Safety Assessment packages. These assessments expand your company’s ability to ensure compliance with OSHA compliance standards and workplace requirements. Amerisafe will connect your business with compliance consultants who provide safety training in the workplace. With these lines of communication established, the door is open to many different possibilities for you. As your business grows and changes, so do OSHA requirements and policies. Our goal is to best inform our clients of up-to-date OSHA compliance standards and best practices to apply.

Ensuring the health and safety of your employees is the moral, logical, and ethical thing to do. But it is also required federally. Amerisafe consultants are devoted to helping your business, both economically and efficiently. Our safety assessments create an understanding for employees, which diminishes hazards that could create an unintended loss scenario for your business. The workplace safety training courses that we offer allow every business member to learn proper protocol and safety compliance standards.

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About Amerisafe Group

Amerisafe Group provides comprehensive safety services for a diverse range of industries, including oil/gas, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. With expertise in safety consulting, industrial hygiene, staffing, training, and auditing, our experienced consultants handle safety issues of any scope or size. We take pride in our ability to understand each client’s unique needs and objectives in order to provide customized solutions that improve workplace safety and health. As a versatile safety partner, Amerisafe Group helps clients across a wide variety of sectors establish effective safety programs and foster a strong culture of safety. Our cross-trained consultants are committed to advancing the safety goals and priorities of every client we work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA standards set requirements for worksite safety and health practices in general industry, construction, maritime, and agriculture to minimize hazards and prevent injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The standards cover topics such as exposure limits, protective equipment, training, reporting, and more, providing legally enforceable regulations that employers must comply with to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

To comply with OSHA, employers must meet the legally binding safety and health standards, provide required training, report incidents, address hazards, and follow regulations for their industry. Companies like Amerisafe make compliance easier by partnering with employers to provide safety audits, program development, training courses, on-site safety management, and other services tailored to their needs and obligations under OSHA.

OSHA’s safety standards aim to reduce workplace hazards and are grouped into 4 main categories – general industry, construction, maritime, and agriculture – with standards in each category dealing with hazard exposure limits, protective equipment requirements, workplace procedures/practices, and recordkeeping. These categories cover most private-sector industries in the United States.

Some of the most common OSHA violations that employers receive citations for include deficiencies in fall protection programs, lack of complete hazard communication programs, inadequate respiratory protection when hazards are present, and failure to properly train workers on a variety of mandated safety topics such as lockout/tagout, confined space entry, electrical safety, and others.