Optimum Safety Management President to Speak At UBC Conference

Optimum Safety News

Steve Yates Optimum Safety ManagementThe United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) will be hosting the Concrete Forming Industry Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Optimum Safety Management President, Stephen Yates, will be speaking on Building a Safety Culture That Lasts.

All across the country, we hear about safety culture. Most every organization wants it but building it is elusive. More importantly, building a culture that will last requires a plan, intentionality, and effort. Come to this interactive and engaging session and discover how world class organizations leverage their resources, integrate safety into their daily activities, and build cultures that engage their workforce.

This conference will be held at UBC’s International Training Center (ITC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 18-20. UBC says the Training Center is a “thriving monument to the Brotherhood’s commitment to skills and productivity, and to building strength as a union and an industry partner.” With nearly a million square feet and 300 guest rooms, the ITC is truly the “hub through which the UBC and its working members can rapidly deliver in-demand skills into the field.”

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