Focus of the Month: Forklifts (INFOGRAPHIC)

Focus of the Month: Forklift Safety (INFOGRAPHIC)

Forklifts account for a staggering 96,700 injuries each year, and in 85 of those incidents, employees’ lives are cut tragically short. 

These injuries are not limited to forklift operators alone.  Many involve other workers performing their duties near forklifts.  As the infographic shows, 67,960 injuries can be prevented each year with better training.  That includes training pedestrians working near the forklifts about forklift hazards and working safely near them, in addition to training the operators.

Operator Safety Checklist

Daily, pre-shift inspections of power industrial trucks is required by OSHA Standards. The best inspection checklist for the machine you operator is supplied by the truck manufacturer. Before referring to any other checklist, review manuals and find the manufacturer-approved checklist for the specific forklift.

For a simple, general checklist, please visit OSHA’s webpage here.

Pedestrian Safety Quick-Check

As mentioned before, pedestrians and coworkers should be aware of the forklifts in operation around them. Below are three questions you should ask yourself when working or walking near forklifts.

  • If the forklift turns, will the tailswing hit me?
  • Does the operator see me?
  • Could the forklift’s load fall on me?

If you answer yes to any of these, or are not sure if forklift operators have seen you because they haven’t acknowledged you, then you could be injured by the forklift or its load. 

Becoming aware of the dangers associated with forklifts can help to reduce injuries. However, implementing training policies and more stringent work practices produces far greater return.

Are you ready to build a compliance program around forklift and other hazard awareness trainings? Contact us to learn how our safety professionals can help you achieve zero injuries.