Five Critical Elements of an Effective Safety Management System

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Are you missing anything in your safety program? From the very top of your organization to those on the front line, everything has to fall perfectly into place to ensure that your organization can recognize its Return on Safety™. But what can you do to ensure that your safety program provides the unmatched engagement, productivity, and profitability that you and your employees deserve?

Our very own President and Founder, Steve Yates, was recently featured on a webcast by the Metals Service Center Institute, sharing exactly that: 5 Things every single safety management system needs to maximize your organization’s return on safety.

  1. Management Commitment: Management needs to promote a safe working environment while demotivating unsafe behaviors in the workplace.
  2. Program Development: Match the risk to the control by conducting a job hazard analysis for every job within a facility and describes the controls for each task.
  3. Training Programs: From new hire to soon-to-be-retired, everyone needs to be part of a safety management system. Develop a clear communication strategy for controls and processes to employees to build on the safety program.
  4. Safety Surveys: Management is urged to complete regular inspections on the job to identify and remediate any hazard before said hazards become accidents.
  5. Corrective Action: You’ve seen what’s wrong, or you see what can be done more effectively. Now it’s time to take action to fix the action or behavior.

This webcast, appearing below, originally appeared as part of a quarterly Metals Service Center Institute series on safety in the workplace.

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