FirstEnergy Corporation Client Documents

This page will act as a portal for documents provided by FirstEnergy Corporation. The following forms are to be used in administering the FirstEnergy Fossil Generation Contractor Substance Abuse Compliance Policy.


FirstEnergy Corporation Documentation

Substance Abuse Program – Company Registration Form

Each customer or company must designate a person(s) within their group to represent the Substance Abuse Program. Please complete the items in the attached form, and email to

Contractor Removal Support (# X-3930)

This form will be completed to report any Contractor employee who has been removed from the site due to a serious safety violation, controlled substance violation, or security violation.

Forensic Chain of Custody Form

This form is a sample document of a Forensic Chain of Custody Form. This form is used to keep track of a specimen in the drug testing process.

Fossil Generation Contractor Substance Abuse Compliance Policy

Unless specifically exempted by this policy, all contractors working at Fossil Generation facilities owned or operated by FirstEnergy Corp. or its subsidiaries and affiliates (FE) shall be covered by this policy. Revised 03/23/2022.

Coronavirus – Contractor Screening Form

All contractor or contractor applicants who wish to provide services on behalf of FirstEnergy will be required to undergo a screening process.

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