Discriminate At Your Peril: Supervisor Personal Liability Under OSHA

As you might expect, the web of potential liability for retaliating against “whistleblowers” under OSHA is expanding. Most employers believe that if an employee is discriminated for engaging in “protected activity” under OSHA that the only person that will be responsible for damages is the employer.   Think again, as this article reveals, any “person” who retaliates against the employee, including Managers, can be held personally liable for damages to the employee. This article shows that other persons, the dentist in charge of a dental corporation, a vice president and the manager of an office, were held potentially liable for discriminating against an employee for engaging in safety related activities. The article also contains recommendations on how to avoid this potential liability. We hope this article is instructive. Please feel free to use it in your training and to circulate it within your organization.

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