Confined Space Rescue Equipment: Inspect & Upgrade

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Amerisafe Group has been working with essential and non-essential businesses to develop policies and procedures that incorporate best practices for protecting workers. These policies and procedures are being continually updated as new information is released by the government and others on the infectious disease guidelines recommendations and requirements.

Our staff of Medical Personnel, Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals monitor the latest information to make sure we provide the best practices for protection from COVID-19 in the workplace. While we continue to monitor best practices and adhere to daily changes relative to COVID-19, we have also been utilizing this time to prepare for future work in various area. One area in particular we focus on is our confined space rescue equipment, ensuring our equipment and inspection procedures are in optimum readiness to ensure the site safety support we promise.

Confined Space Rescue Equipment Maintenance: Inspect & Upgrade

Confined Space Rescue operations sometimes require work in extreme environments where wear and tear on gear can be damaging. It is important your rescue equipment is thoroughly inspected and replaced each time you begin and end a job.

Most rescue equipment requires an annual inspection. Now is the time to execute a thorough inspection and check on hardware items, built-in wear indicators of ropes, baskets, ventilation systems, harnesses, the towing trailer, and any additional equipment or devices to ensure successful future Jobsite support.

Confined Space Equipment Upgrade

After a thorough investigation of your rescue equipment, remove and replace items as necessary. Should funding allow, purchase new items to introduce to your confined space rescue equipment trailer?

Amerisafe Group provides the confined space standby rescue hardware (equipment and monitors) for all of its personnel. These activities and services are tailored to the emergency preparedness needs of the client, including Attendant and Entry Supervisor roles and Standby Rescue in both non-IDLH and IDLH environments.

Our latest piece of confined space rescue equipment is the 3M Davit Arm System. This hoist system is designed for ease of rescue, confined space entry retrieval support. This piece of equipment offers multiple portable and fixed bases to suit various job sites.

Amerisafe Group’s Confined Space Rescue Services

Amerisafe Group is continually updating our rescue equipment. In addition to our state- of- the art- equipment, Amerisafe Group’s annual hands on and classroom training manipulative skills sessions are what sets our Rescue Division apart from our competitors nationwide.