Don’t Bug Out: Preventing Insect Bites

Wasp nest

Bug and Insect Safety Concerns As we enter the warmer months of the year, the prevalence of bugs and insects outside becomes more apparent. This poses a threat to anyone with allergies to stinging insects, and they will want to take extra precautions. Up to 5% of Americans are at risk of a severe, potentially […]

SHOCKING NEWS: Power Line Safety Will Save Your Life

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The Dangers of Working Near Power Lines How much do you know about Power Line Safety? Electricity is delivered over long distances via high-voltage transmission lines from generating plants to distribution substations. The overhead high-voltage lines are uninsulated, and extremely dangerous for anyone working in close proximity. Electricity can arc or flash over a long […]

Severe Weather Emergencies: Are You Prepared?

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Improving Severe Weather Preparedness with an Emergency Preparedness Plan Severe weather emergencies can take many different forms and wreak havoc on a business if preparations are not made ahead of time. Developing a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan is crucial for mitigating the impact of severe weather. Understanding the location of your business and the specific […]

Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

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Poor mental health and stress can negatively affect employee’s job performance and productivity, engagement with their work, communication with co-workers and physical capability to perform daily functions.

The Heat is On!

Are you prepared to protect your workers and potentially avoid OSHA citations? Summer is nearly here, and forecasters predict 2024 will become the latest in a series of above-average hot summers. Now is the time for employers to evaluate how worker exposures to heat are managed and effectively controlled. In addition, OSHA has launched a targeted […]

Organizational Safety Culture

Is Workplace Safety Culture the Same as Organizational Culture? We’ve recently been asked the question: “Is safety culture the same as organizational culture?” In a moment where “culture” is a topic of conversation in any workplace context, it’s important to clarify these two concepts. Let’s start with some definitions… Organizational Culture: According to an article from Harvard Business […]

Lockout Tagout Procedures in 7 Simple Steps

Employers need to understand how important lockout and tagout procedures are to ensure safety on the job and that these procedures are only effective when employees follow through on all the steps in the full lockout/tagout process. Author: Reviewed by Amerisafe Safety Consultants What is a Lockout/Tagout? A lockout tagout procedure is used to ensure […]

The Importance of Safety Staffing: Why Every Industry Needs a Safety Advisor

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is of paramount importance. Whether it’s a construction site, a manufacturing facility, or an office building, having a dedicated safety advisor on site is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of safety staffing and delve into the […]

11 Manufacturing Safety Topics & Tips to Discuss at Your Next Safety Meeting

Workplace safety is vital, particularly in high-risk fields like manufacturing. Ensuring the well-being of employees requires constant vigilance. One way to encourage a safe work environment is to review best practices and rules with your company. These safety guidelines and concepts can be applied to most manufacturing operations and will help keep employees safe and […]

10 Competencies of Effective Safety Leadership

Effective safety leadership is critical for any organization looking to ensure the well-being of their employees. But being a great safety leader means more than just enforcing the rules – it also means caring about the team and demonstrating safety values through your actions as a leader.  Let’s take a look at how effective safety […]

8 Key Components of a Successful Safety Management Program

A safe work environment is the cornerstone of any successful business. Too often, companies prioritize productivity or profits over safety – to the detriment of their workers. Thankfully, the idea that businesses must choose between good work environments and revenue is a myth. A well-designed health and safety program can improve productivity and ensure employee […]