COVID-19 and Your Workplace

Getting Back to Work Safely

As the American workforce strives to return to work, actionable exposure control procedures for COVID-19 are first and foremost in employers’ minds. The body of information and recommendations continues to grow every day – making it difficult to discern what’s useful and what’s simply noise. To help you navigate this time, we’ve gathered experts in safety and occupational medicine for a discussion on:

  • Medical considerations related to COVID-19 exposures
  • Designing and implementing an infectious disease policy
  • Protection measures specific to COVID-19
  • Personal Protective Equipment and supply chain constraints


John J. Koehler MD, CIME | Board Certified in Occupational Medicine, Editor-In-Chief at, Medical Director of Occupational Medicine at Physicians Immediate Care

Brian Dudgeon | Sr. Safety Professional at Optimum Safety Management

Learn how Optimum can help you manage COVID-19 exposures.

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