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Live Online Safety Workshops Allow Safety Training to Continue Without COVID or Travel Headaches

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The COVID-19 pandemic is finally slowing down as cities, states, and communities across the nation reopen at varying levels.  And one major take-away from a year dealing with the coronavirus is the continued importance of safety preparedness and education.

Safety training requirements are once again at the forefront as employers coordinate how employees are returning to on-site facilities and offices. Juggling employees who still work remotely with those that are working in person means employers need a single safety education solution that meets everyone’s work and space limitations.

But Optimum Safety Management has the safety workshop solution to ensure employees still receive the safety training they need. Live, interactive, online workshops from the Optimum Center for Safety Leadership® are an ideal solution for employers in this situation because the online workshops provide in-depth education with real-time instructor and classmate discussion and engagement from virtually anywhere.


Learning Without Travel Restrictions

Trying to coordinate an in-person classroom with differing mask and social distancing requirements can be a hassle. Quality safety workshops can still be conducted in a close-knit, classroom setting without assembling individuals in a physical location.

Using the virtual teaching capabilities available through the Optimum Center for Safety Leadership® means safety education is available anywhere there is a stable internet connection. This allows all employees to engage in the constructive real-time curriculum, group activities, and discussions from a space where they’re most comfortable. Employers also save valuable time and money on otherwise expensive travel requirements.


Safety Education and Culture Continue to Be Critical on the Job

On-the-job workplace safety is critical to ensure that work can be performed without placing employees within harm’s way. This is the same principal that will allow organizations to reopen operations at full capacity and to keep processes running smoothly without incident. And the safety culture that makes this possible is a result of quality safety education.

Employees enrolled in Optimum Center for Safety Leadership® workshops gain practical knowledge and techniques taught by professional safety instructors in addition to the skills and resources for employees to assume roles as safety leaders. These techniques and skills encourage employees to continually improve safety and efficiency within an organization’s workflows and processes.

Being able to participate virtually provides greater access to employees to continue to engage with safety education material without the headaches of an in-person session. And applying valuable insights from these safety workshops directly leads to fewer injuries, fewer incidents, and fewer set-backs to production within an overall more efficient working environment. Employees learning safety leadership skills also encourages a greater adherence to safety procedures as employees influence others to respect safety protocols — for themselves and for the safety of other employees.

Optimum Safety Management provides the information and services to help companies develop safety leaders and improve overall safety performance. For more information on how Optimum Safety Management can assist with your businesses’ safety needs, contact an expert today, or reach out via phone at 630-759-9908.


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