How Optimum Partners with Your Existing Safety Team to Deliver Lasting Results

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Every business has a specialty that makes it unique within its field. Every business also relies on fundamental capabilities to perform their necessary functions. A company needs to strike a balance between maintaining those fundamental capabilities such as accounting, tax services, licensing, and safety to be able to fully capitalize on their unique specialties.

Employers will often feel a burden to undertake the full brunt of maintaining their fundamental capabilities whether their strengths lie in those areas or not. But this can be detrimental to business success and end up eating up resources that would be better allocated to a business’s primary specialty. One area where this mentality is most common is in safety management.

A company should establish and support their internal safety team and trust their expertise to guide the company on safety matters. A company should also go further to reinforce their internal safety team’s capabilities with the specialized knowledge, experience, and resources of a professional safety management company such as Optimum. Bringing in an outside safety team elevates the effectiveness of a company’s safety plan and internal safety team for greater lasting safety results for the business overall.


A New View

An internal safety team’s scope becomes more limited over time. This is a natural progression as the processes, equipment, and environment the team evaluates become routine and comfortable. Small details may be overlooked, and minute issues slip through the cracks as a team becomes so used to seeing the same processes day in and day out.

Bringing in Optimum as an outside safety partner shakes up these views with new insights and direction. Because our team is new to an organization’s processes and is able to take an objective, critical look at the organization’s safety program. This provides a new, fresh perspective on the company’s overall safety situation.


Providing Actionable Insights

Partnering with an outside safety team such as Optimum to conduct a safety analysis helps organizations better understand their safety needs and achieve their safety goals with actionable plans and processes. Optimum achieves this by working directly with the internal safety team to understand the organization as a whole and tailor solutions to the company’s unique needs.

Optimum compiles a combination of over 30 KPIs during their analysis. These indicators touch on a variety of safety issues including management buy-in, program development, training and leadership development, new hire onboarding, and many more. Optimum then utilizes these indicators with the organization to focus the company’s safety action plan. This allocates resources and budget more precisely to better utilize the company’s time, effort, and people to achieve greater safety results.

Sometimes a company or team is too close to an issue to see that it’s there. Or they are so used to a specific process that they don’t consider another more efficient way it can be done.

What Optimum provides is clarity through perspective. Optimum’s P3 Safety Culture Analysis™ provides insights based on tested safety metrics that are easily understood and approachable in  a single easy-to-read graph.

This Safety Snapshot shows company’s resources, actions, improvements, and considerations they may not have known they had access to or ever considered beforehand. But the right guidance and right team working in partnership can create a stronger roadmap together toward a safer, efficient, cost effective workplace for the benefit every employee.

Optimum Safety Management provides the information and services to help companies develop safety leaders and improve overall safety performance. For more information on how Optimum Safety Management can assist with your businesses’ safety needs, contact an expert today, or reach out via phone at 630-759-9908.

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